Saint Lucia Looking To In-Country Testing For Monkeypox

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Saint Lucia wants to facilitate in-country testing for monkeypox at the Ezra Long Laboratory at the OKEU Hospital.

Currently, the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) facilitates testing for countries in the region.

Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste announced the in-country testing plan in an address to parliament on Tuesday.

He also spoke about establishing an isolation and treatment ward at the Respiratory Hospital, formerly Victoria Hospital, and regular consultations with regional and international public health agencies.

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And while stressing that this country has not recorded any monkeypox cases, the Minister said Saint Lucia is monitoring the disease and preparing to manage cases should they occur.

He said the Ministry of Health had established public education, health care worker training, a surveillance system, and testing capacity with CARPHA and was working on facilitating local testing.

And Jn Baptiste explained that the Ministry of Health would continue strengthening care levels to manage monkeypox cases if detected in Saint Lucia.

In addition, he advised all Saint Lucians to be very vigilant.

The Minister described monkeypox, dengue, and COVID-19 as ‘three major health threats’ that the Ministry of Health is monitoring.

“Actions to mitigate the negative health impacts of the threats continue in some areas and new measures are being initiated to prepare for new emerging threats,” he explained.

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  1. Ministry of Health. We need an end to this Nuisance from this chicken farm which is affecting the residence and neighborhood in Upper Augier near the 357 disco. We are fed up with too much high level of Dust , mosquitoes , Rats , Flies, Dead Chicken and Bad disgusting Odor.
    This Farm is directly in a residential area. SHAME ON YOU ALL…..

  2. @Odd, I don’t think anyone is fearing Monkeypox. When Ebola was at a surge folks weren’t too worried about either, and it was spreading beyond the borders of the African continent. However, since there are known treatments available Monkeypox it does make since to have local testing ability to promptly address any cases to minimize the impact.

  3. Here we go again. More fearp0rn to coral the idiots into compliance. 99% of cases so far are in gay men. Let that sink in.

  4. If you guys think, pedaling fear will allow yourll to maintain the nonsensical protocols…yourll have something coming for yourll….you wont be prepared for.

    Keep it up


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