Saint Lucia Looks Forward To Continued Deepening Of Friendship With US

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Saint Lucia looks forward to a continued deepening of friendship with the United States, at both the bi-lateral and Caribbean Community (CARICOM) levels under the new Joe Biden, Kamala Harris administration, it has been announced.

“The American people have spoken and we all value democracy and respect for democracy,” External Affairs Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun told reporters Monday.

Flood-Beaubrun observed that Saint Lucia has had a longstanding relationship with the US, even before this country’s independence.

“Saint Lucia has worked with the US government and with the US people regardless of whether it’s a Democrat who is in office or a Republican, and so we look forward to a continued deepening of our friendship,” the minister explained.

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She noted that Saint Lucia and the US have strong diplomatic relations and have been allies for a very long time.

“We don’t see anything changing as a result,” Flood-Beaubrun stated.

However, she indicated that Saint Lucia expects changes in some policies.

The Minister said that traditionally, Republican and Democrat administrations handle things differently.

“We do not expect that to affect Saint Lucia adversely in any way. What we would like to see is a continued strengthening of our relationship,” Flood-Beaubrun told reporters.



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