Friday, September 30, 2022

Saint Lucia Lost Over 1000 Lives To Cancer In 2020

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Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste has urged the people of Saint Lucia to join the fight against cancer, disclosing that the country diagnosed over 3700 new disease cases between 2018 and 2020,  and lost 1 274 lives to the illness in 2020, according to Ministry information.

Jn Baptiste disclosed that prostate, lung, stomach, colon, cervical, ovarian, and breast cancer were among the cases.

The Minister’s disclosures came Thursday in a message to mark World Cancer Day on February 4, 2022, with the theme: ‘Close The Care Gap.’

According to Jn Baptiste, a three-year campaign that started this year will focus on reducing barriers to care.

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He said activities would also aim to improve knowledge and create an environment of empathy and support for people living with cancer.

In addition, the Minister announced that the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs would further strengthen the theme’s focus by adding a national sub-theme, ‘Show Concern for Cancer.’

“Through this element we are firstly encouraged to demonstrate sensitivity and compassion to those who are journeying with a cancer diagnosis and secondly, to be mindful to take actions in our daily lives that protect us from the various types of cancers,” he explained.

Jn Baptiste commended and thanked all the organisations and individuals who continue to give time and resources to the battle against cancer, including the Saint Lucia Cancer Society and Faces of Cancer Saint Lucia.

” Let us stand and hold the hands of those who have been diagnosed with various types of cancer and let us all do our part, to better prevent, detect and manage cancer, he declared.

And Jn Baptiste stressed that his Ministry was committed to promoting health and protecting life.

His complete address appears below:

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  1. I was once a patient diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. It was May 2016 when doctors told me I had months to live, but the worst thing was telling my children. My husband Dave, took part in a research project which involved a trip to South Africa to Dr Sims Gomez Herbs Clinic. He purchased the Herbal formula at ( drsimsgomezherbs. com. Three months after taking the herbal herbs I went for a checkup and there were no signs of Pancreatic cancer. I also learned how much friends and family can be part of getting well. Our circle of friends and relatives was an incredible support. I would encourage anyone to seek second opinion especially if you’ve been told there’s no hope.

  2. @Hey, I think that you on the “right track”. You have to eat right, to feel right. Oh and don’t forget a good shot of Rum, every once in awhile.

  3. People need to stop eating fast foods and start eating more healthy meals. Love yourselves because if your immnune system is weak you will not be able be fight any diseases whether communicable or not.Lets use more herbal teas and more local vegetables and fruits. We have enough fruits to stay healthy. Stop crowding the fast food stores, Learn to begin crowding the Castries market and the vegetable isle in Supermarkets. You are what you eat.

  4. And the pharmaceutical company have a great deal to pay too all lot of those medication have a part to pay too all those vaccine they give our kids at 12 to 13 years that HPV vaccines all that is killing our ppl.

  5. But they busy harassing people about COVID vaccine making it look like COVID killing the most people. I always believe there is an agenda. But some day some day

  6. 1274 lives lost to cancer in 2020 compared to 333 lives lost to Covid 19 overall. Got the message yet? And we want to kill people over Covid.

  7. For those who are suffering with this awful disease. Change your diet completely especially if you still in the early stages of this. make tumeric, the real plant, not the powder, a regular part of your diet. make tea with it. make natural juices. any fruit will do, we have plenty. drink plenty of coconut water. do not eat dairy products like cheese, milk. eat ground provisions that are not fertilsed if you can. so if people have bananas in their yard, eat that before you et those from the farms using all the chemicals. drink lots of water as a regular part of your diet. use local ginger too. eat lots of green leaves and local herbs. once its green, organic and natural green leaves have to be part of your diet daily. eat nuts too. and reduce on red meat and chicken put peas and beans in your diet as much as possible. this will not change things in a week or overnight. but half a year or more doing these things you should see some changes. and oh eat pawpaw, soursop all those things too. use local honey and not sugar when u can. If i remember anything else, will post again.

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