Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Saint Lucia, Martinique Police Network Hoping To Reduce Cross-Border Crime

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An anti-crime network established last year between Saint Lucia and Martinique hopes to reduce cross-border crime significantly.

Officials disclosed that the value of the cooperation was evident recently as Martinique law enforcement held four Saint Lucians for the armed robbery of a jewellery store.

A source familiar with the investigation, speaking on condition of anonymity, told St Lucia Times that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) was able to share information with Martinique concerning the individuals in custody for the robbery.

“We are networking together and sharing information in the hope of solving crime on both sides whether in Saint Lucia or Martinique,” Police Commissioner Milton Desir told reporters last week.

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He stated that the networking was continuous.

Desir spoke after a tactical training intervention techniques course at the RSLPF Academy.

Sixteen experienced RSLPF officers benefitted from the training conducted by three special instructors from the French overseas territories and organised by the anti-drug enforcement unit, OFAST.

The Charge d’ Affaires of the French Embassy in Saint Lucia, Marc Mertillo, said there would be other training courses in the coming months.

French law enforcement officials, including the head of the anti-drug enforcement unit in the French West Indies, were also present.

Law enforcement representatives of Saint Lucia and Martinique met late last year for a two-day conference in Fort de France.

The conference focused on practical demonstrations in the field of criminal intelligence, analysis with a focus on trace sampling, a compilation of data and cross-checks, search and detection, drone surveillance, documentary fraud investigation with a focus on passports and ID cards, and the treatment of weapons seized by the police.

The two sides planned to have monthly Zoom meetings and twice-yearly encounters in their resolve to increase cooperation against criminal elements, especially those involved in illegal gun and drug trafficking.

“The criminals have no borders and the same should apply to the Police both in Saint Lucia and Martinique,” the General Commandant of Martinique’s Gendarmerie, William Vaquette said at the time.

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  1. @Same Guy:- you sure got this right; why not bring the French Police over here to manage things for us; first job, arrest the Drug Baron at the top, then the foot soldiers, then were in business.

  2. The truth is this illegal movement between St Lucia, St. Vincent and Martinique can be correct within 1 to 2 years period. The problem is it will cost Millions of dollars, so the question now becomes are the Fishermen and the citizens ready to pay the price????

  3. Even if the criminals are arrested nothing much will happen to them because the magistrates are too lenient. If one goes to Vieux Fort Banan and Larry doing what they want and what will happen . NOTHING.

  4. This is a failed mission right there – Once you involve the St. Lucian Police Force, this alone qualifies it as a failed mission by Default. They are too corrupt to conduct such a mission to mitigate crimes between the two nations. My advice to the French Authorities, conduct your own investigation and catch them on your own. The Lucian police are the same criminals in Uniform. They are the ones who advice the criminals – Please exclude them

  5. This should have Happen years ago .Too much illegal activities From St.Lucia to Martinique and Martinique to St.Lucia

  6. Great let’s stomp out these bad elements and reduce these guns coming to st Lucia we don’t have gun stores in st Lucia for the amount of guns on streets I cannot sleep u cannot sell or do business by the road side u be come easy target robbery at gun point police cannot be ever where we need to start doing something to protect ourselves

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