Saint Lucia Media Encouraged To Be Agents Of Social Change

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Twenty-one media and communications professionals in Saint Lucia  were issued a strong call to action to become partners for social change during a two-day workshop on Social Protection for the Media.

The workshop, held at the Harbour Club, was hosted by the Joint Programme in Universal Adaptive Social Protection in the Eastern Caribbean in collaboration with the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment.

Addressing the media during the event, Ms. Irene Gaspard, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, noted that “Advocacy and communication are essential drivers for transformation in social protection. With certainty, there is a need for greater public awareness and you our Media professionals are considered to be strategic allies in that regard. You have the ability to change and particularly shape the Social Protection conversation of today. We are certain that you recognize yourselves as being in a powerful position to effectively monitor commitments made by policymakers and increase transparency and accountability in the delivery of our social protection mandate.”

The workshop sought to build the capacity of media professionals in Saint Lucia better enabling them to understand, report on and lead public dialogue on social protection issues and developments.

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During the workshop, participants were exposed to interactive presentations defining social protection, debunking prevailing myths and exploring social protection in an eastern Caribbean context.

These sessions were facilitated by Ms. Celine Felix, Social Policy Manager with UNICEF Eastern Caribbean office and Mr. Ariel Pino, Social Protection and OSH  Specialist with the ILO Caribbean.

Participants were also treated to a special session on leveraging storytelling to create compelling stories about the people who benefit from social protection.

This session drew on the expertise of former journalist and Communication and Advocacy Officer at the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office, Ms. Faine Richards.

Ms. Chrisy Bakie, a news reporter at Choice TV, noted that the training was well received. “I was enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn how to properly report on topics of social
protection. As someone who is new to the media, this training was needed and will definitely help to improve my reporting on these sensitive issues. I look forward to having more sessions to learn about social protection. It was super informative and fun!”

The media workshop is one of several initiatives implemented by the Joint Programme in Saint Lucia.

According to Ms. Lilia Ramjeawan, Joint Programme Coordinator, “The Joint Programme has contributed to strengthening Saint Lucia’s social protection system at the national and
community levels.

Our partnership with the Ministry of Equity has ensured that vulnerable populations have increased access to social protection programmes that are gender-sensitive and risk-informed.

Additionally, the government is better positioned to assess the needs of the population and to use social protection to minimize the impact of future shocks on vulnerable populations.”

The Joint Programme is funded by the Joint SDG Fund and benefits from the expertise of five participating UN organizations: ILO, UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women and WFP.

These agencies collaborate, under the leadership of the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office (Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean), supporting government-led efforts to reduce poverty and inequality and strengthen people’s resilience through predictable access to adaptative social protection in Barbados, Saint Lucia, and the wider OECS.

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  1. That all St Lucia need another group of jackasses having a workshop eating and drinking and chatting shit … very soon they will for a committee or a tribunal or an organization to ad to the 6000 dumb ass committees that accomplish nothing in this country ….they need to go and eat more green figs .

  2. The media has one job and one job only. To report fact. Anything other than that is trouble. Look at Fox News and CNN. One side pushes one piece of tripe and the other another set of garbage.

  3. St lucia news media is a joke!!! I watched them team up with their favorite politicians last elections and it was nothing more than undemocratic! HTS and MBC Prime rooting for SLP with Ken knee and toni and DBS rooting for UWP and Chastenet. Last elections observing St lucian elections was a hot mess, definitely cringe worthy! Although DBS in my opinion was more balanced! The way HTS and MBC Prime ostracized and politically attacked the former Prime Minister was indeed some pretty high school teenage child show! Currently these SLP ministers in parliament act like a bunch of unkooth kids. Very unprofessional! St lucia should be better than that by now, one would think! Its not media professionalism that is in st lucia right now but rather st lucia media bias (buy ass and kiss ass)!!!!!

  4. One of the best best ways media and telecommunication professionals can serve their country is to doggedly advocate for justice, and communicate the unadulterated truth to the public without fear or prejudice! Too often people in these vital professions allow themselves to be swayed by politicians to the point that they fail to advocate for justice or to communicate the truth. In the USA Fox News has become a smear on the national landscape because of their ridiculous political lopsidedness. They have lost the ability to advocate for justice or to communicate truthfully truth. In Russia and other totalitarian states, most media and telecommunication professionals simply cave-in to political pressure and become mere sycophants who opportunistically parrot the lies and distortions of their political leaders — at the expense of justice and truth! I can only hope that Saint Lucia media and telecommunication professionals will never crumble under any pressure — political or otherwise — but will remain true to the calling to be genuine agents of social development and change, who will never compromise the essentials of a stable society, namely, justice and truth!


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