Saint Lucia Met Services Director Says Out Of Season Storms ‘Not Uncommon’

The Director of Saint Lucia’s Meteorological Services, Venantius Descartes, has explained that it is not uncommon for storms to form outside of the official Atlantic hurricane season.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) on Monday said that  subtropical storm Andrea, the first named  system of the season, had formed hundreds of miles southwest of Bermuda.

But less than than 24 hours after being named, Andrea had weakened to an extratropical storm and was no longer considered an organized tropical system, AccuWeather reported.

Descartes noted that storm predictions for this year are better than for most years.

“The prediction is for a normal to slightly below normal season,” the Met Office official disclosed.

According to Descartes, in a normal season there are 12 storms, six becoming hurricanes and six becoming major storms.

He asserted that although the prediction is a kind of consolation, members of the public should continue to monitor the progress of any system during the hurricane season.

“There are years when the prediction is for low numbers and then if you have one system affecting you, it can mean a whole lot of difference – it can change your life completely,”  Descartes stated.

He advised that the hurricane season be taken seriously.

“Listen to reports from the Met Office and listen to advice from NEMO,” Descartes said.