Saint Lucia Monitoring Two Tropical Waves

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Saint Lucia is monitoring two tropical waves – one in the Central Atlantic and the other in the far Eastern Atlantic, the Meteorological Services says.

“Presently they do not show much signs of development over the next two days, but the Met Service will continue to monitor as they get closer.  As you know tropical waves give quite a bit of rainfall at times when they are enhanced so as in any system we will continue to keep persons updated,” Meteorological Services Director Andre Joyeux told St Lucia Times.

And he explained that development of the systems is possible.

“The last time we had about four inches affecting us it was actually moisture that was lingering after a tropical wave that was enhanced by an upper level trough,” Joyeux recalled.

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“The tropics is very volatile. Any little moisture, once you get the winds turning  – you have all the ingredients present,  a tropical system can develop,” he observed.

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  1. Worry about your greenfig trees. After all PJP said eat more greenfigs, but if the storms wash them away like last year, how are going to eat?

  2. The usual hoax will put people into panic mode, that is emptying the shelves of all supermarket, and next day the sun is blasting its ignorant on us. While we should be concern about natural disaster of any kind we also have to be mindful of the invoked fear that bears down on society. At present we have to be more realistic, GEO Position of any tropical wave is paramount, however a slight change in whether pattern can put people into panic mode because in this banana republic, 90% Lucians don’t read, 98% follow gossip and 99.9% like to give their own version of a story. Now take that into consideration it would be prudent to have any major news of such in the latter part of the storm direction.. and its potential land fall.

    • My God!! You nut-bags just don’t know when to stop. Everything common-sense related has become a conspiracy theory for you low-lives. Sigh…..Listen, if you guys don’t want to adhere to warnings and caution – fine. Stay under your bridge of illusion, and let those who want to be prudent and cautious do what they feel is necessary, without you ” Alice In Wonderland ” caricatures spewing nonsense and confusion. Just go away….. We mortals live in the real World, and abide by such.

    • NOAA only interests is in the systems with the potential to impact the US. There are two, but there interest is on one for this very reason.

      Until they can make the connection between any other island interest and the continental US, don’t hold your breath. Just do what you have to do in the islands.


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