Saint Lucia Mulling Desalination Plants

Saint Lucia is considering the possibility of establishing desalination plants in ‘strategic locations’ around the Island.

The announcement came in a post on the official Facebook page of Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, in the context of mitigating the impact of climate change.

The following is the text of the post on Thursday under the headline – ‘Three Major Ongoing Projects to Boost Water Distribution Security.’

During this year’s Budget Presentation, I updated the country on 3 major water projects which will continue during this financial year in order to achieve water security in Saint Lucia. The main objective of these projects are to increase Saint Lucia’s capacity for the safe collection, storage and distribution of water.

These projects include the John Compton Dam Water Project, the Dennery North and Vieux Fort North project.

The John Compton Dam Project focuses on reforestation and the stabilization of 60 hectares of land in one year and 98 hectares in the second year as such cover will help reduce land erosion and siltation of the John Compton Dam.

In terms of the desilting of the Dam, the construction of the disposal pit to take the silt from the dam has been completed and the long awaited desilting operations will be completed in this financial year. Under this project, the approximately 1.7 million cubic meters of silt, which has settled in the dam and which reduced its capacity by more than 50 percent, will be removed. This would unblock the lower port of the Dam, allowing it to discharge a higher volume of raw water for processing.

The intent of the Dennery North project is to improve water quantity, quality and reliability to residents and consumers whilst enhancing the sustainability of the potable water system.
The project was undertaken in two phases. The first phase concluded in February 2018 and the second phase of the project commenced in January 2020. It comprises the expansion of the water treatment plant from 0.4 million gallons per day to 1.4 million gallons per day. This increase will make a huge difference in the quality of life of the people of Dennery and environs.

The residents of Vieux Fort are also set to receive an improved water supply as the Vieux Fort North Water Supply Project seeks to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of potable water.
The project comprises the construction of two river intake structures, two treatment plants, one at Grace and the other at Beausejour in Vieux Fort, installation of transmission mains, four pumping stations and three storage tanks.

It is also anticipated that this major upgrade in the water infrastructure will also provide the water needed to support the development and expansion which this government is undertaking in the south of the island. The first phase commenced in January of this year with the majority of activities concentrated on the Grace system and some minor works on the Beausejour system.

In the next phase scheduled to commence in September major works on the Beausejour system will occur. The project, is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and will be completed within 24 months.

Following completion of both phases of the project, the Grace Water System is expected to supply 2.4 million gallons per day, while the Beausejour Water System will supply 1.6 million gallons per day.

Among the other investments by the Government of Saint Lucia in the water sector is a Watershed Management Plan and the construction of an administrative centre for WASCO in Vieux Fort.
Due to the impact of Climate Change, these interventions are absolutely necessary. Our Government is also investigating the possibility of establishing desalination plants at strategic locations on the island.


  1. Really .. It’s like election fever in the air because you’re hearing all kinds of projects about to start or looking into the possibility . there are many things that was supposed to have been done from way back . everytime the PM just jumps on his FB page and just type anything and ppl believe it …lust for social media . when last the PM took a drive to connect with the ppl down south or visit the inner communities …

  2. Oh Boy St. Lucian’s, If you are true to your self you will recall for years now the possibility of desalination plants was always been spoken about by this government. I do not like the taste of the water after desalination,but looking at the weather pertain we can be in trouble soon. so stop being political and understand.

  3. Chastanet, you are such a hypocrite, you have made a mess out of Saint Lucia, you are desperate now and you will say anything to fool the poor people of this land because you see that your power is coming to and end.

    Where is the DSH/Pearl of the Caribbean? We still have VAT, you said you would make VAT 0% at the end of your first year in Government, you stopped the STEP program and you continue taking bread away from poor people. You have been giving all your foreign friends our patrimony, and our tax payers money.

    Why didn’t your father keep you in his business? Because you brought it to the ground. You have no ability or capability to run your father’s business but you can run the affairs of Saint Lucia. You destroy everything that you lay you fingers on, you have destroyed our Saint Lucia and I know for sure it will take us 100 years to clean up your mess.

    Chastanet you are a compulsive liar.

    Where is the stimulus package for Saint Lucians amid lost of jobs due to coronavirus. What have you done for the poor people of this country. All you are doing now is creating job for the boys for vote.

    I hope you know that God is not sleeping and that he is not Guy Joseph

  4. These things require a lot of maintenance, electricity ect.. which we dont produce. we are energy importers dont forget that. The best initiative for this government which will not yield results in 2 months but will certainly do so in a year and put us on a sustainable path is to identity the key rivers around the island and start a rehabilitation programme for each. Its a simple solution. ban agriculture around these areas as they use plenty chemicals, sand-mining, plant the right plants and constant inspection by the lazy government authorities responsible with video and photo evidence submitted after each visit. we dont want report falsifying.

    • Exactly. That’s a cheap easy problem to fix. More pie in the sky BS. I pray that one day ALL the people of St. Lucia will rise up and do what needs to be done to put an end to this cycle of lies, abuse and corruption.

  5. Wow all those projects sound impressive why did it take so long though? Elections should every year it seems

  6. I don’t give a damn about you’ll politics, be it red, yellow, black or blue; but it is a subject
    that for years, long before Chas was ever dreamed of, that desalination projects have
    been debated (not in St.lucia) but for St.Lucia, because it was seen as the best idea
    to counter that climate change. It is for the benefit of all St.Lucians. Wake up & be smart.

  7. Shame your political hacks give you all the wrong ideas and refuse to bring to the table some old experienced people to listen and discuss the right way forward.You issued a 140.000 thousand ton contract to dredge the Dam and the Dam has around 2 million tons of silt,You aint scratching the silt that will come in with the first heavy rain.All is a mess of politicians stealing our monies

  8. Desalination is a solution to a problem here in SL
    You don’t have to like the taste but for bathing and boiling the water for drinking it has to be a way forward … surely! Stop composing when you don’t have water and stop complaining when a solution is being explored’
    You people love being miserable and complaining
    Whatever happens leave WASCO out of any developments! They need serious management and someone to simply answer phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can’t even do that

  9. That’s the difference between SLP and UWP. UWP has ideas, vision and plans but SLP will offer nothing and will wait when someone comes with a plan to attack, attack.

    Without vision , a nation perish. Its best you have a plan and throw it out there, it might not be feasible, it might take years, it might be too costly but a seed is planted. Remember every successful undertaking came out of a simple plan.

  10. Aruba is not mountainous and has no rivers like St.Lucia. I learned since back in the
    ;50s that Desalination was the only way to go, since ofcourse they too have a great
    Tourist Industry. St.Lucia cannot keep up with that demand for water without desalination.

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