Thursday, September 29, 2022

Saint Lucia National Party Says Two Major Political Parties Have Failed

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One of the founding members of Saint Lucia’s newest political party, the Saint Lucia National Party, (SNP), has asserted that it is time for this country to try something new.

Kevin Lord who describes himself as a patriot who cares about and loves his country, has asserted that the Island’s two major political parties have failed.

He reflected on the past forty years in this country’s political history, declaring that from independence until now, leadership of this country has changed several times.

“Forty years after independence, we have the same problems,” the Saint Lucian educator noted.

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He listed unemployment, crime, abject poverty and low self-esteem as being among the problems plaguing Saint Lucia.

According to the Saint Lucia National Party official, the current ruling United Workers Party and the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party have failed to solve the problems.

“So what do we do? Do we give them another forty years?”

Lord expressed the opinion that the time is ripe to try something new.

“If we keep on doing the same thing, we will be getting the same results – so we cannot continue along those lines,” he stated.

“That is why a group of us – concerned citizens, citizens who love our country, have decided to begin this new organisation,” he explained.

Lord disclosed that currently there are some 15 members of the new political party.

He said they are working assiduously to ensure that the new party gets off to a good footing.

“We have not yet finalised plans for any persons to contest a seat, but for sure we have persons working behind the scenes planning many exciting things, new ways of governance, new ways of doing things,” Lord told reporters.

He expressed the view that what will make people take the new political group seriously is when they hear the things the party has in place.

Lord said in addition to having one national goal for the country, the new party will have seventeen different manifestos – one for each constituency.

“Each one will be specific to the needs of that constituency,” he revealed, adding that councils will be operating in each constituency.

Lord acknowledged that third parties have not been successful in Saint Lucia, but he said given time and perseverance, such a party can succeed, especially if it involves the people in the decision-making process.

“We are aware that time is against us and it will be a very difficult task, but we are willing to give Saint Lucians that option that is so sorely lacking,” he stated.

Lord said his aim is to start the process.

“I may not be a candidate, I may not be the leader of the party. What I am doing right now is to begin the process,” he explained.



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