Saint Lucia National Party Says Two Major Political Parties Have Failed

One of the founding members of Saint Lucia’s newest political party, the Saint Lucia National Party, (SNP), has asserted that it is time for this country to try something new.

Kevin Lord who describes himself as a patriot who cares about and loves his country, has asserted that the Island’s two major political parties have failed.

He reflected on the past forty years in this country’s political history, declaring that from independence until now, leadership of this country has changed several times.

“Forty years after independence, we have the same problems,” the Saint Lucian educator noted.

He listed unemployment, crime, abject poverty and low self-esteem as being among the problems plaguing Saint Lucia.

According to the Saint Lucia National Party official, the current ruling United Workers Party and the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party have failed to solve the problems.

“So what do we do? Do we give them another forty years?”

Lord expressed the opinion that the time is ripe to try something new.

“If we keep on doing the same thing, we will be getting the same results – so we cannot continue along those lines,” he stated.

“That is why a group of us – concerned citizens, citizens who love our country, have decided to begin this new organisation,” he explained.

Lord disclosed that currently there are some 15 members of the new political party.

He said they are working assiduously to ensure that the new party gets off to a good footing.

“We have not yet finalised plans for any persons to contest a seat, but for sure we have persons working behind the scenes planning many exciting things, new ways of governance, new ways of doing things,” Lord told reporters.

He expressed the view that what will make people take the new political group seriously is when they hear the things the party has in place.

Lord said in addition to having one national goal for the country, the new party will have seventeen different manifestos – one for each constituency.

“Each one will be specific to the needs of that constituency,” he revealed, adding that councils will be operating in each constituency.

Lord acknowledged that third parties have not been successful in Saint Lucia, but he said given time and perseverance, such a party can succeed, especially if it involves the people in the decision-making process.

“We are aware that time is against us and it will be a very difficult task, but we are willing to give Saint Lucians that option that is so sorely lacking,” he stated.

Lord said his aim is to start the process.

“I may not be a candidate, I may not be the leader of the party. What I am doing right now is to begin the process,” he explained.




    • I totally agree. They curse each other get into power and do the same nonsense they curse the other about. UWP has Fresh Start and Labour has Jafallie. And there re plenty of otrher examples. Time for something new.

  1. I believe the citizens are underpaid $7.40 US dollar a day and cost of living is very expensive. How can they survive. I think the government is not look out for the welfare of their people. It’s like most persons are living from hand to mouth.

  2. I have campaigned for candidates in Houston, Texas, USA, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, Antigua, and St. Kitts, and what I find in the US are issues like safe neighborhoods, good schools, and good paying jobs; these are paramount. In the Caribbean, what I observed, is a focus more on individualism, such as getting a piece of land, a house, and a Government job. Consequently, politicians in the Caribbean tend to hold back the goodies until close to election. There is a slogan in one of the Caribbean Islands that says Money Wins Elections; that is true. If you can grease the palm close to election, you stand a good chance of winning, because people have short memory.

  3. UWP SLP reject bananas I will not vote for none but I can read and write using my knowledge Uwp doing better than SLP. I’m a St lucians and that is my opinion.Good luck new party that’s your outside vision 🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨

  4. Where are the 16 Candidates of the SNP. ONE kept to its name the Leader was the only Candidate now He’s with Slp.Persons getting involved in other political parties in St.Lucia not Ready to Lead. we need a Group of Educated .Dedicated and also Declare their asset’s.
    That’s what we need in St.Lucia .Not politricktians to full their pockets Family and friends also

  5. We have politricktians in St.Lucia .St.Lucia needs a New Breed of politicians .Highly Educated .Above the age of 40years.Married .Declare their assets and have the FBI carry out a Background Check on the Candidates before they become Eligible.

  6. St.Lucia needs a New Breed of Politicians Educated and Above the age of 45years .Not like these politricktions we have presently

    • Most above the age of 45 are desperate and have already learnt tricks, the younger ones however come hungry with a price. How about giving anyone above the age of 35 with a vision the opportunity. We would obviously have to factor in a track record of either continuous success or failure then success.

      It is unfortunate though, how this business is a wormhole, a disgusting portal of secrets, manipulation and borbol at the feet of a corrupted nation!

    • I suggest too that candidates must have at least a degree in Economics, or Accounting and must have at least 5 years working experience in those fields and must have worked with community members or help in community service for at least 5 years. Plus they must have accumulated at least $250,000.00 in assets. We do not want any hungry broke arse to come play in our finances.
      We see businesses asking for high qualifications and years of experience for jobs, therefore, we need to raise our bar and standards in this day and age.

      • There’s allot of st Lucians out there with all of those qualifications… please be brave and come out, please save the nation/the future of st Lucia…

  7. This administration has done nothing for middle and lower class people and I dont care what slp did the truth of the matter is thats why we voted them out and briught these guys and absolutely no change at all. Its the honest truth so I dont know why people feel offended when they hear this or they argument is labour did worse guess what they no longer in government. I want somebody to list at least 5 things this government jas done for poor people benifit. Even 3

  8. Why the editors are scanning comments, I have tried three times to reply to ” SERIOUSLY” to high light some of the things the G’ovt has done for the poor and my comments are not posted

  9. Both the SLP and the uwp have failed the people of Saint Lucia 40 years after independence that we have not enacted a minimum wage rate to stop the exploitation of the working class and the poor


    Gov’t helping the poor

    – reduce vat to 12.5% with plans to reduce it further
    – write off all old debts to the hospitals when they came to power, the poor who were struggling every month to make payments were now able to use that money otherwise.
    – give us a break on property tax , now going on to 4 years.
    – growing the economy pre covid so more people were employed ( remember youth unemployment was about 50% under SLP) making it possible that more persons in poor household were working easying the strain on parents. Real employment instead of step, remember giving a fish instead of teaching people to fish
    – restoring the free school transportation which was stopped by the SLP
    – competed phase 1 of the Castries market project where our vendors can ply their trade in dignity.
    – after years of having to vend sitting on side walks and exposed to the blazing sun or the pouring rain in the town of Soufriere , a new market was built.
    – the party that is spending $10 million a year on school repairs when the other side was only spending only $1 million. Remember when our poor kids were attending school with leaking roofs.
    – free meals to school kids
    -finally on track to finishing St Jude for the people of the south
    – opening of OKEU, when the other side could not.
    – increase in the public assistance programme
    – increase in the number of people employed as care givers
    – started on the planned universal health care.

  11. Just another political boat passing by. Whose propeller will do nothing but kick up $hit from the bottom, muddying the waters. They will come, they will go. Same as that clown Prudent and his peoples party. Sad joke!

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