Saint Lucia National Youth Council Hails Young Carnival Event Winners

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Over the last week, young people across the various National Carnival events breathed new life into the cultural celebrations following a two-year hiatus.

On Thursday night, Xenia Douglas was crowned as the 2022 Carnival Queen following a keenly contested National Carnival Queen Pageant.

This spirit was carried into the Groovy and Power Soca Monarch Finals which saw stellar performances by young artistes in each round.

On Saturday night, Dezral Long, one of four young artistes competing in the Calypso Finals made history as Saint Lucia’s youngest Calypso Monarch.

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At Sunday’s Panorama competition, the Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra emerged victorious.

In the coming days, the country comes alive to the work of young creatives, whether as event organizers, performers, promoters and designers.

Undoubtedly youth bring life to Saint Lucia Carnival.

Their achievements across the various artforms is testament to intellectual and creative potential which must be nurtured to preserve our culture and to establish sustainable youth enterprises.

The Saint Lucia National Youth Council believes that a comprehensive gap analysis of the Orange Economy is necessary to determine the requisite investments for young creatives and arts & cultural organizations.

These investments should prioritise the development of community programmes and infrastructure for greater accessibility and equal opportunities for youth across various backgrounds, along with increased incentives towards the expansion of youth enterprises.

Community organizations, schools and cultural icons must be adequately resourced and empowered to conduct skills development initiatives year-round.

The establishment of a National Language Policy (instituting the Kwéyòl language) as well as the introduction of Saint Lucian and African History to the school curriculum are welcomed interventions towards greater cultural awareness and identity.

We commend the many cultural leaders and activists who continue to promote young creatives and cultural legacies, as according to Dezral “there must always be, a younger one like me”.

Source: Saint Lucia National Youth Council

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  1. @Caribbean American Legend … unfortunately, our “powers that be” do not recognise that talent is also BUSINESS!! Even the man in the street, does not understand WHY artists, artistes and artisans should be encouraged in these lines of earning a respectable livelihood. These talented people are treated as “hobbyists”, instead of the opposite. On the other side of the coin, those who understand (some sponsors) offer scholarships, workshops, and other avenues for them to excel, and be shown “The Way”! Thanks a lot for your broad and respectable comments.

  2. @Caribbean American Legend – well said. As for Xenia Douglas she stood out as you stated and she did an awesome job in this competition. I have no doubt that she will do well representing St. Lucia in the Caribbean competition as you need to have the ability to compete and interview very well especially amongst Trinidad and Jamaica reps. Xenia Douglas has what it takes to compete on the Caribbean stage and beyond. I wish her the very best in all that she aspires to do.

  3. St.Lucia has a lot of RAW TALENT in all diversities. So many talented young people in singing, dance, art, intellect and sports etc…The problem is the powers at be are clueless as what to do with all this RAW MATERIAL TALENT to generate effective and beneficial end products to support the country’s growth. Jamaica being the music hub of the Caribbean has EARNED RESPECT on the international stage when it comes to their influence and promotion strategies. Whatever happened to the phrase BE SO GOOD AT SOMETHING SO MUCH THAT PEOPLE CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOU! Congratulations to Xenia Douglas that me having experience in the modeling and fashion industry, I noticed immediately that this Xenia Douglas compared to her competition colleagues, came out the gates charging with poise and confidence. She stood out immensely! Also congratulations to this brilliant St Lucian athlete studying in Texas, this kid needs to be focussed because America has A LOT of distractions and many talented people get side tracked! As a St Lucian American I will be watching her for track and field among the ranks of those domineering Jamaican girls like Shelley Ann Frasier Price and I will be supporting this young St Lucian girl to the next Olympics and beyond! YOU CAN DO IT!


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