Saint Lucia Observes 72nd Anniversary Of Devastating Castries Fire

Press Release:–  Today marks the seventy-second (72) anniversary of the most devastating fire which occurred on our island, St. Lucia.

On June 19, 1948, a fire swept through the city walls of Castries destroying seventy-five percent (75%) the business center of the country, leaving approximately two thousand (2000) people homeless.

To this day, no one knows for sure how the fire started, or what may have caused this conflagration in the country’s capital.  

Consequently, this fire along with many others have spurred fire safety regulations throughout the country.

With the vision of preventing a fire of such magnitude from reoccurring, the St. Lucia Fire Service established the Fire Prevention and Investigation Department.

This department has the mandate to ensure that every building of public interest throughout St. Lucia meets the Safety Standards to operate.

It is for this reason; the Public is reminded of the regulation stipulated in the St. Lucia Labour code 2006, Section 233 subsection (1).   

“An employer or a person in control of an industrial establishment shall ensure that his or her industrial establishment is certified every twenty-four months by the Chief Fire Officer”.

Having said this, the St.Lucia Fire Prevention Department remains committed to serving you.

Owen Cazaubon

 (Statement by Acting Station Officer/Fire Investigator II Owen Cazaubon on the anniversary of the 1948 Castries fire)


  1. I remember it well. Looking back, to some it might have been a devastation, but in fact
    it was a blessing in disguise. The 2nd. world war was over in 1945, England was broke,
    but still came over to build for us what was then a modern City to be proud of. That night
    I went to stay at my grand mother at Hospital road. On the way, I sat on one of the Graves
    at the Cemetery to watch the drama unfolding. When the fire hit the Gas Stations, the Gas
    drums would explode and fly skyward with beautiful blazes like fireworks. It is said that the
    fire started at that Tailors’ shop, it is thought someone left the electric Iron plugged and so
    burned through whatever – so they think. Now out of the ashes you have the glorious C.D.C.
    What more can you ask for – do they all pay Rent? GLORY, GLORY HALLELUYA this is the
    St.Lucia where we bitch, call Chastanet names, PjnP wants elections, R.F. challenges the
    authorities, collects some idle Ghosts to make a mockery of a civil and law abiding society,
    St.Lucia the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Some use their Wits to fool the masses.

  2. Makes no sense no even one pitcher of the city yall showing for example the people dat wasn’t born yet like me could have seen wat the city was lookin like after the fire

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