Saint Lucia Planned Parenthood Association Urges Couples To Choose Wisely On The Matter Of Having Children

The Saint Lucia Planned Parenthood Association is urging married couples to choose wisely in regard to the matter of having children.

Just this week,  Superintendent Methodist Minister Seth Ampadu urged married mates who are capable of having children to heed the biblical admonition to produce offspring.

The Acting Executive Director of the Saint t Lucia Planned Parenthood Association, Geralda Bray, explained that the organisation operates from a human rights perspective.

She explained that the association respects the right of individuals to practice their religious beliefs and decide how many children they should have and the spacing of those children.

“I cannot comment on somebody’s religious beliefs,” Bray told St Lucia Times.

However she explained that as an organisation, the Planned Parenthood Association encourages women to decide how many children they want to have and the spacing of those children.

The Acting Executive Director disclosed that the association also encourages women to protect themselves and understand that having children one after the other may create health problems.

“We also encourage them to use contraceptive methods to help in the spacing and number of children that they are going to have,” Bray explained.

“I mean, we have to be wise – the bible also says we have to be wise,” Bray stated.

“If you know that economically you are not able to maintain or to care for a large number of children I think it would be prudent to choose wisely and decide – you and your husband, how many children you would like to have,” she told St Lucia Times.

“And even if society looking on concludes that this person cannot afford to have any children and they want to have a child, we  at Planned Parenthood cannot tell them ‘You cannot have children!'” Bray declared.

She said it was an individual’s human right to want to procreate and the association respects that.

Bray said she was commenting from a Planned Parenthood Association standpoint.

“My personal opinion is not what I am sharing with you,” Bray made clear.




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