Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Saint Lucia Planning Major Campaign Against Domestic Violence

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Pen has been put to paper towards the drafting and eventual execution of a major public awareness and advocacy campaign, designed to help address the serious issue of abuse and domestic violence plaguing the Saint Lucian society.

Being led by the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, the comprehensive
campaign will draw on support from other key government Ministries/Departments such as
Education, Health and Wellness, Gender Relations and Home Affairs.

Permanent Secretary Velda Joseph says, “Notwithstanding the recent passage of the Domestic Violence Act, the Ministry, through its various social departments like Human Services, Welfare and Social Transformation, actively intends to continue playing its part at strengthening civil society, in hopes of pushing back against the scourge of domestic violence and abuse, especially against women and girls.”

Joseph spoke of efforts aimed at changing the attitudinal and behavioral patterns of males, by galvanizing their support and commitment via an upcoming Men’s Convocation.

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Dialogue she said is also ongoing with community activists, civil society leaders, faith-based groups and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), to solicit their assistance and support in developing strategies and interventions that would help mitigate and ultimately rid society of the ills of domestic violence and abuse.

Meanwhile, the Ministry, Joseph reiterates, is firmly committed to continue to work assiduously and is readily accessible and attentive to the needs of victims, the vulnerable and downtrodden in society.

The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment she exclaimed, is moving full speed
ahead in rolling out and implementing government’s massive social agenda in all of its forms, that critically touches the lives of tens of thousands.

Source: Ministry of Equity

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  1. You need to start with the men, check all the gangsters pulling all this phockery, most of these boys,girls were sexually abused in their own households, and how could you expect them to be able to learn skills at the same rate as other kids who are not in a 24-7 fight or flight mode,full of rage, and than learn skills at the same rate as others their own age when this is all they know is survival mode ! Outside and inside their homes……how are you Govt Leaders and teachers on island of very kind allocating for that? Is it impossible to create anything for these lost youths Males and Females?

  2. That is why Churches were instituted in the first place:-
    No doubt the Churches have failed. The great cathedrals have become a historical monument of what should/could out do the law courts – but today society depends on the law courts to solve problems which should not have been – now its too late, too late, too late – who failed? All have failed and come short of the glory of God – but thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. It would help if the men were set good examples by their fathers (& mothers), but so many children do not grow up with their own fathers. There are too many children born into households that see men come and go. ALL people including women/mothers need to look at their own behaviour and provide the children they have with a stable upbringing. The background to domestic violence is not created solely by males. Caring values, self worth, self control (both genders) education, discipline and a supportive society need to be in place to raise children who grow into decent adults who don’t resort to violence, domestic or otherwise.


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