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Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am

Saint Lucia PM Announces Drop In Unemployment

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet Wednesday announced a drop in Saint Lucia’s unemployment rate.

Writing about the decline later on his official Facebook page, Chastanet disclosed that youth unemployment saw a “very encouraging decline” for first quarter of 2019.

A recent statement from the Department of Statistics has revealed that Unemployment in Saint Lucia has seen further declines when compared to the same period last year (Jan-Mar), the PM wrote.

He explained that for the first quarter of 2019, overall Unemployment declined from 21.80% in 2018 to 15.5% this year and youth unemployment from January to March this year declined from 38.78% in 2018 to 25.9% in 2019.

Chastanet announced the figures as a delegation from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) wrapped up a visit to this country.

The delegation visited some sites for investment in Saint Lucia.

It as led by Acting President and CEO of OPIC,  David Bohigian.

“We look forward to working closely with the US and OPIC on the development plans for our country. Saint Lucia has been showing some definite signs of progress and the level of investment in our country is continuing to grow. The purpose of engaging agencies such as OPIC is to continue to stimulate economic growth,” Prime Minister Chastanet wrote on his Facebook page.

“We thank the OPIC team for visiting Saint Lucia and look forward to working with them to implement projects that impact and change lives,” he stated.


    • Killbill, stop being an idiot. What goodWhat decline in unemployment? Tell me between January and end of March (the 1st quarter) (1) what accounted for that drop? (2) how many new businesses have been created? (3) how many businesses have expanded? (4) How many more workers has government employed? (5) which sectors of the economy grew so quickly in three months especially the dullest part of the year for business?

  1. Unemployment Down.

    Me Chastanet you cannot make unemployment’mgo down in this countyr

  2. Do we know the breakdown of these jobs? I hope it’s a good mix of manufacturing, tourism, private sector or government jobs. People need a livable wage for the most part that ensures they eat decently and stay healthy. Without these we cannot expect our kids to get the start needed for positive progress in life

  3. What type of jobs were created and at what rate to be honest the only place that you can find a job is at Guardsman at 4;25 cents an hour working 12 hour shifts and is that employment what future can that give a man what the country need is a minimum wage rate if 12:50 an hour so that the poor, working class and blue collar workers can achieve something if not crime will never stop

  4. Are we using the same criteria as before. If in 2016 your workforce size i.e. people actively looking for employment was 10,000 and only 8,000 of them had jobs. You have 20% unemployment. If in 2019 your workforce size decreased to 9,000 i.e. 1,000 people have altogether stopped looking for work (died, gave up, migrated) your unemployment rate dropped to 11%. No new jobs created.

  5. These business leaders need to stop procrastinating and get busy becuz they have the resources to do so, Saint Lucia is one of many beautiful island, they need to make it into a US territory like Hawaii..

  6. Interesting stuff. I wonder if there are any statistics on underemployment, would love a study on those.

    • Come on we know how bad the employment situation is. Those qualified and dumb enough to come back to this country all have to take jobs way below their qualification levels.

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