Friday, December 6, 2019

Saint Lucia PM Defends Reference To Pierre’s Stuttering

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has defended remarks he made at a ruling party meeting Sunday, in which he called attention to opposition leader, Philip J. Pierre’s stuttering.

Chastanet has been criticised for ridiculing Pierre.

“If anybody listens to my statements, what I was making reference to is every single time that you ask the labour party to answer any questions like why they didn’t finish a hospital; why they didn’t finish a school – any of the projects they claim that should have been done, all they do is stutter,” the Saint Lucia PM told reporters Tuesday.

“That’s what I as making reference to,” he stated.

Chastanet said he had heard some people call on him to apologise.

But he expressed the opinion that the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is the one that owes the people of this country an apology.

However reporters pointed out that Chastanet had mentioned Philip J. Pierre in his remarks.

“I said ‘Like Philip J. Pierre, the labour party when they are asked questions okay, say duh-duh-duh-duh-duh’ which is a fact,” he asserted.

According to Chastanet, the labour party does not want to be accountable for its actions.

“But if anybody deserves an apology it is the people of Saint Lucia from the labour party,” the PM declared.

“We need an apology for Rochamel; we need an apology for Grynberg; for the performance of the economy; we need an apology for the state of health care; we need an apology for the state of education; we need an apology for what is happening in security in this country – that’s what we need an apology for,” he stated.

“Mr. Pierre is a political leader and so am I. There are things that are said about me as well; but at the end of the day what we need an apology for is all the things that the labour party promised,” Chastanet responded when asked why he had to reference the opposition leader in his remarks about stuttering.

He asserted that the SLP has no explanation for its failure to deliver.

“Every time you ask them, they stutter,” Chastanet said.

“When we were in opposition we said to you, Labour Party cannot move into OKEU (Hospital) because they don’t have the money, and we were right. They made all kinds of excuses, the same way that Philip Pierre stutters, that’s what they were doing as a government, stuttering. Every time you asked them when they are going in, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh,” the PM was quoted as telling Sundays ruling party public meeting in Soufriere.


  1. Mr. PM, I/We elected you in office to work for the country, yes to do what the SLP didn’t do; but your behaviour is worse that Kenney’s, and you are playing smart in defending yourself! stop your arrogance and mépris and deliver, don’t let me regret my vote; i only hope that you are not trying to make a mockery out of us the UWP supporters!

  2. He has a very big ego. His pride refuses to allow him to apologize, smh. As a leader one has to live by example

    • Never, ever heard an apology from the former PM. What’s your problem, he explained himself.

  3. I Phillys Wilson apologized to Phillip Pierre because Allen Chastanet represents me, I have worked with children who stuter and I’ve seen their struggle so this made me very sad, it got to me personally because I certainly onot want the children with speeh defects all over the world to think that they will be mocked when they stutter. Two wrongs never make a right, stop acting like babies, although I give babies a pus these days, they behave better.

  4. There can be no defense to that. Politicians need to show some maturity. Saint Lucia produced two Nobel Laureates. We can do better than that.


    Not suggesting that anyone should apologize. In the real world, big men really do not apologize.

    But a specific reference to a man’s known speech impediment, ‘…Duh; …duh; …duh; …duh; …duh’ (5 times), in referring to something else, factual or not, is clearly no misinterpretation.

    If this is not ‘…Sheer Mockery,’ then what is?

    Then when a female Minister in the Prime Minister’s administration ‘…indirectly came out in defence of what he meant, and said she ‘…might not have made such reference,’ if a person is not known as ‘Tom,’ such explanation could be called ‘…Mary-Foolery.’

    Now what the PM was quoted as saying in respect to ‘…governance and accountability for unfinished projects’ on your beautiful island, contradicts a reference to the goodly gentleman’s way of speaking with those ‘…unfinished projects.’

    This is what makes news. This social media does. Let not your hearts be troubled.
    Likened to the ‘…Majestic Pitons,’ this is part of the ‘…political landscape- hot like the midday sun.

    It is not always where smoke is seen, food is cooking. Mr. Pierre should know how to extinguish it.

  6. How funny it is, remember that election ad making fun of Gale’s bold head, Guy’s country accent and also Alan’s inability to speak our local tongue. How fast we forget, I guess SLP’s cannot take what the dish out. Oh rememer “the poodle”. CRY ME A RIVER. HELL NO AAAAAA- POLO-GGGGGY. HEY SLP SUPPORTERS GROW SOME BALLS.

  7. Remember when the strongest critique of Kenny was he was very arrogant? I think PM Chastanet has shown he is the real arrogant one. He cannot admit when he was wrong look at the situation in the House yesterday. He refused to retract his statement when ask by the Speaker who is the final authority in the House. And the speaker shown he is a weakling by not kicking the PM out. I don’t want to hear about this guy being humble ever again.

  8. I’m not sure how many people are surprised by this. I’m not. This man lies so much I think he actually believes his lies. In a time when there is so much bullying among our youth, this is the example our leader gives us. His behavior in the House is another example of disrespect. SLP lost the election because they had developed and were exercising their egos. I see similarities here. The PM and his party need to be mindful of that and need to learn from history.

  9. As the leader of our small island, it concerns me as to if the PM ever gave thought to the possible bullying of those with speech difficulties on this island. Our society is already so not welfare oriented and to lead with such an example is worrisome.
    I guess the focus, desperation and fear of loosing is weighing in on him. Shame on you (CM)…

  10. The thousand million is giving jokes. You have proven to be less than intelligent. Clearly the only people who would have selected you to reign over them are mere 43 peecenters. In other word’s their education has not gone beyond secondary school. Alas, many fall in that category… Going nowhere in a hurry.. Fool.!!

  11. Mr Chastenet I see in you a leader who is angry, unable to control himself and his temper. I make specific reference to your reaction to the speaker’s request for retraction of your statement in the house of assembly yesterday. To have blatantly defied the speaker’s request yesterday was disrespectful and arrogant to say the least. Even further, to ridicule a colleague’s speech defects is stooping to the lowest of lows. This continues to show your lack of substance, your intolerance and your inability to lead effectively. The other 57% are watching…

  12. Poor jab Pip don’t cry! But trust me that’s not your biggest problem. Your biggest problems are Hilaire Kenny and Alva so look out they coming for you

  13. “We need an apology for Rochamel; we need an apology for Grynberg; for the performance of the economy; we need an apology for the state of health care; we need an apology for the state of education; we need an apology for what is happening in security in this country – that’s what we need an apology for,” he stated.
    My pm that is why we remove them from office and put your party there. But what have you done about health car, about education, about security in the country. NOTHING that’s what you have done. as a young person i have never seen this worst for my 32 years in st lucia. come on mr pm

  14. It is was not appropriate for the PM to mock stuttering. It was not appropriate for Philip Jn. Pierre to mock Dominic Fedee’s height and Guyanese origins. It was not right for Kenny Anthony to call Guy a poodle. This has been going on for too long. It was not right for SLP members to call Timothy Poleon names. Elevate your standards both parties.

  15. His arrogance’s will be his downfall. This guy does not know when to quit. Keeps digging a deeper hole. Man up and say you made a mistake. Stop being so defensive and childish by bringing past shenanigans to the forefront. You campaigned for change and being better. But your actions and words do not reflect this. Arrogance is a form of weakness ….trying very hard to make up for some of your shortcomings

  16. All the hubbub about Kenny not shaking the PM’s hand where are the some people lambasting the PM for sad behaviour? What about the disobeying the Speaker command to retract his statement? Nothing to say now? The Prime Minister showed disregard for parliamentary procedures in front of the entire world a much more serious offense the miss handshake yet no one is talking now.

  17. People being murdered, dying in road accidents, kids going hungry, and all this fuss over diddly squat.

  18. You all are just a bunch of stupid ppl who don’t understand things…the pm was not ridiculing mr .piere speech problem he was only trying to make reference that everytime u ask the labour party about the promise they kept to our nation and did not accomplish it they would stutter….so state the difference …he did not make fun of piere speech problem ….he only tried to prove a point that is the only time the labour party does stutter …yall lucians so petty…i love my pm …..and our pm is trying his best to correct all the mistakes labour party did so please trust the process ……and shut up…no bad enery .

  19. What is new? It’s typical of a hack to blow what was said out of context ! They are so good at it, that is has become “business as usual”

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