Sunday, January 26, 2020

Saint Lucia PM Says Increased Investment In Carnival Bearing Fruit

Asserting that the growth in Saint Lucia Carnival is now clearly evident, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has said it is evident that his administration’s increased investment in Carnival and the Saint Lucia Summer Festival as whole over the past three years is bearing fruit.

Chastanet declared on his official Facebook Page that “once again we are seeing that we are on the right track.”

“Our country is moving forward and Saint Lucia Carnival is well on its way to becoming the premier event of summer in Caribbean,” he stated.

According to the PM, the participation level in carnival has improved considerably.

He recalled that there was an an influx of visitors from around the world.

“The reach of the festival locally is also expanding and we want to see this continue so that it benefits all Saint Lucians. We can do this by continuing to encourage and develop the aspects that are unique to us, including our island’s music and culture,” the former Tourism Minister explained.

“Of course, we still have our challenges and we will continue to work on enhancing our cultural product, which has become a regional and international attraction. We will make the necessary adjustments to make this an event we can always be proud of, whether it is improving our music, the parade experience and other factors such as our traffic management and the upgrade of our road networks,” he disclosed.

The Prime Minister congratulated all the carnival winners and participants.

Chastanet, who briefly participated in the carnival Monday jump up with some female revellers, said he  thoroughly enjoyed Panorama and the street parade, watching the traditional and newer bands.

“Congratulations and thank our musicians, Calypsonians, Soca artistes and bands on a great showing this year and commit to continuing to support the development of our music,” he said.

“A large part of having a successful Carnival is the safety of our citizens and our visitors. I commend our police for a job well done and a relatively incident free Carnival and encourage our officers to keep to that standard especially as it relates to the management of mass crowd events. Our police are so important in this regard and they must continue to work closely with event organizers and stakeholders to ensure we have safe and successful events,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page.

Organisers declared this year’s carnival a resounding success, while expressing concern about debauchery and nudity during the event.


  1. Do we measure success in numbers who attended or the amount we yield from an event or should we look at the success from a moral and personal development stand point. Yes there were many people and plenty money maybe was made but to me I look at the other side. Morally it was the worst we have seen the level of indecency and how immoral we have become. It’s a give and take situation at what cost to us is it we lose plenty of our values

      • If that’s the only place you can make a comment I can’t prevent that who knows at home your partner don’t allow you to speak and here’s your chance. When you disagree with an opinion there are ways to say it and contribute rather you allow your words to come out of your rare rather than your mouth.

  2. Why don’t people stay home if they do not want to see flesh. The only thing that is different from what is seen at the beach is winning, but the level of absence of clothes is about the same, and no one complains about the piece of string that women wear and call a swimsuit. When we are young we want to do everything under the sun, and as we start to hit middle age or move away from it, some of us, all of a sudden, become moral police.

  3. Perhaps, Saint Lucia is gradually becoming a secular nation. Perhaps we are gradually stepping away from the religious superstitions that has plagued and kept people in retardation, negating forward progress and freedom of thought, not challenging the status quo of structured theology cooked up by centuries of lies and manipulations. Perhaps the Saint Lucian conscience is being free from it’s chains and human expressions are now allowed its sway. What is sin but what a society sanctions it to be? What is decadence but what a society defines it to be? What is permissible but what we collectively as society agrees it to be?…Indeed it is society’s responsibility to protect the young from the so called vulgarity, but then again why are kids allowed at an adult carnival? Why are we so ashamed of nudity? of our bodies? of the seeing opposite sex? Aren’t we reasonable and mature enough to understand the difference? Or is it that our feelings of guilt are drawn straight from the coffers of the purveyors of religious dogma and sometimes even bigotry? who for millennia has taught us to hate our bodies, that we are all sin, doomed to hell, dust of the Earth and that the only redemption is from some pie in the sky that is soon to come by never coming, yet coming but never arriving? Some of the Worlds most successful Nations are secular where even religion plays second fiddle. Freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom to be oneself, even freedom of religion (funnily enough) are the hallmarks of a secular society. So my people, enjoy yourselves RESPONSIBLY and let the prudish stay at home.

  4. The same hypocrites sleeping with people husbands or wives pastors or elders under cover gay. He without sin cast the first stone. Judgemental fools

    • All what you said there happens it’s very true but it’s all part of the wrong and we all have the right to opinion and can question anything we so desire. 2 wrongs don’t make a right nor can what anyone do justify another’s action.

  5. What carnaval? people came to see or participate in carnaval, but instead, found themselves in a bikini panty and bra festival! oh what a shame for my PM and my country men and women! SAY IT AS YOU SEE IT!

  6. If that’s the only place you can make a comment I can’t prevent that who knows at home your partner don’t allow you to speak and here’s your chance. When you disagree with an opinion there are ways to say it and contribute rather you allow your words to come out of your rare rather than your mouth.

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