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Saint Lucia PM Thanks Trump For His Support & Leadership In Region

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has thanked United States President, Donald Trump, for the  support and leadership he has been providing in the Caribbean.

Trump  on Friday hosted the leaders of Jamaica, Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Saint Lucia.

“The United States is our biggest trading partner,” Chastanet told the US media covering the meeting.

He  observed that the US had  also benefitted from trade with the region.

Chastanet said he and the other Caribbean leaders looked forward to the discussions with the US leader to see how they could enhance their relationship to their mutual benefit.

He was quoted by the South Florida Sun Sentinel as saying that it has been since the Reagan administration that the U.S. has taken an interest in the Caribbean.

According to the newspaper, Chastanet  acknowledged that Trump’s invitation was likely due to their support of the U.S. stance against Venezuela at the Organization of American States.

He also acknowledged that not all countries in the region agree with the U.S. call for Maduro’s ouster.

“I think we all recognize there’s a problem in Venezuela. Most people recognize the need for new elections,”  the South Florida Sun Sentinel  quoted Chastanet as saying.

He said any disagreement they have is in how that will play out.

“The world remains divided on that. I think there is a growing consensus that there needs to be fresh elections in Venezuela to resolve the humanitarian crisis,” Chastanet stated.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister, Doctor Keith Rowley, who was not invited to the meeting with the US leader, declared ahead of the gathering that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries that have gone to meet with Trump are the ones who have agreed to be a part of the Lima Group.

“And what is the objective of the Lima Group? The objective of the Lima Group is regime change in Venezuela,” he was quoted by CMC News as saying.

The former leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement, Therold Prudent, said he was concerned about the Trump meeting.

Prudent  expressed the hope that the Saint Lucia Prime Minister would not voice support for a regime change in Venezuela.

As far as the former LPM leader was concerned, Saint Lucia should have no part of any US plan for military intervention in Venezuela.


  1. Lets hope fresh elections,will bring stability and some come back to normality,before the guns take over.Then maybe we will all,relax,and like every game some win others cry.

  2. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. They have been doing it for over 100 years now, creating poverty out of countries who oppose their desire to rule the world. History will repeat itself unfortunately and the masters of destiny will have their way. More suffering for the ppl, more power for our great enemy who hides behind these wars.

  3. 03/23/2019
    I Proclaim that the “King is coming”! I announce to the ends of the earth, that the “King is coming”. And that the days of Noah are here. “I am coming for those who have laid their burdens down” …. In the name of Jesus.
    The Father says: Treacherous times are upon you my children and what is coming will be far worse. The darkness an evil that awaits those that are not saved now will be worse than Hollywood’s darkest horror film for Satan’s wrath shall be upon them. Who are you to judge me, yet you have and judge me guilty besides? Do you think you can serve me with anger in your heart? You judged me neglectful of you. Who gave you life? Who gave you your next breath and the very air you breath? Yet you sit high on the throne of your pride and you rendered judgement to me, the judge of all creation? Repent now lest I strike you down. Repent on your faces before unless you think too highly of yourselves. The door of heaven is soon to be closed and the grace upon my people shall be reduced. Your days are going to be difficult as everything in the world changes.
    Much treachery will be revealed but much will be kept hidden. Know in this time that what you see is not what is. Darkness lurks behind the governments you trust; much evil is planned and will soon be released. Snares will be set for my people as the enemy’s plans are unleashed, many who are mine will die and come home to me, but this is my mercy on them. Those who are Luke-warm will be left on the earth that their faith may be refined. Guard your hearts my children for evil abounds as never before. Be careful when you feel you stand lest you fall and lose your faith. Great is my peace upon my people, great is my peace upon you in this time. It is that peace that will sustain you when you see my words fulfilled to the last jot or tittle. You have been chosen for this time and empowered to do what you must do. You are my voice in the earth and I call the heaven to myself through you.
    You will be the last generation to spread my gospel to all people. The end comes quickly and with it comes “War”, “Disease” and “Famine.” Pray to be counted worthy to escape that which is to come but work while it is day my people. Work while it is day for the darkness approaches, and it will overtake the earth quickly when it arrives. My people I desire to warn you about what is coming, most of my people are not taking my warnings seriously. But this they shall regret later. The sounds of war are already ringing in the unseen realm and it is already preparing. War comes to America and to other nations, this will be a terrible war for such as you have never seen. It will reap terror in your heart if you are not abiding in me. Those who do not know me shall have no where to run from the terrors this war shall bring.
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    * These are the words of – Yahushua.
    * Repent; be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, those of you who have not done so, for when the books are closed, no one will be able to enter in. God is sending warnings after warnings. We are in the End Times and he does not want ANY ONE to Perish. Time is running out, get saved now while you have time. He is the only way to salvation. Amend your ways and you will be allowed to remain in the land. Let those who have ears to hear and those who have eyes to see. Repent now! Remain strong, bold and courageous.

  4. Notwithstanding our empty-headed twit’s blatant sucking up to the US’ empty-headed twit, there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela – only terroristic threats from the US!

    The Bolivarian Revolution has been successful in showing the world what true democracy really means; and in doing so revealing the US as a war-mongering, economic terrorist towards any country which uses its sovereign wealth for the benefits of its own citizens. The US has been embarrassed before when Chavez showed more concern for US citizens than their own government; he provided FREE heating oil to poor communities in north-eastern US when Hurricane Katrina knocked out refineries causing prices to sky-rocket (unlike US oil companies who seized the opportunity to gouge consumers who could least afford it)!

    It is very plain to the world who has Venezuela’s interests at heart (not plain to brainless twits like ‘ti Chas & our local astro-turfer Castries Fisherman); and it is definitely not the white oligarchy in Venezuela and not their office-boy Guaido, who have openly invited the US to bomb Venezuela back to the Stone Age like they did to Iraq & Libya because the majority of Venezuelans will never vote for them!

    Will anyone of the St. Lucian stenographers posing as journalists ask ti Chas why the Bank of England stole Venezuela’s gold reserves? Was he part of the consensus for doing that? Was he part of the consensus for the illegal unilateral economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the world’s economic terrorist?

    Will one of our brave St. Lucian stenographers ask ti Chas if the actions described in the previous paragraph are those for which he was thankful for Trump’s leadership?

    I almost puked and was so ashamed to see ti Chas quoted as saying, “that it has been since the Reagan administration that the U.S. has taken an interest in the Caribbean”. It is obvious that ti Chas used to make beast during History class, because the record of the US in the Caribbean, since the late 19th century, is a record of empire-expansion through military invasion for installing puppet dictators in obeisance to US oligarchs.

  5. The Saint Lucia PM has just told Donald what he like to hear; but Trump, know he was flattered by that fool, i voted for!

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