Monday, November 11, 2019

Saint Lucia PM To Meet U.S. President

Press Release:–  Prime Minister Honourable Allen M. Chastanet will travel to Florida for a meeting with U.S. President Donald J. Trump, on March 22, 2019.

The Prime Minister welcomes the opportunity for dialogue on deepening the relationship between the Caribbean and the United States.

Specific areas of the Prime Minister’s focus will be security, energy, and expanding trade and investment opportunities.


  1. A racist and a dunce to meet!

    Could this meeting be more about opportunities for dunce PM after he is booted out of office!

    The racist considers our country to be “shit whole” the dunce doesn’t genuinely care about the people of St Lucia.

    What positivity can come from this meeting I wonder.

    Will Venezuela be on the agenda. Which other Caribbean PMs are going to be in attendance.

      • Ann, based on the above supposed Press Release are what my above comment pertains too.

        The above Press Release is lacking very important elements like the fact that The Racist extended an invitation to the all nations who voted in his favour on Venezuela. Not just to our dunce PM. This is setting a very bad precedence whereby countries will vote on the basis of receiving something from the US in return and not vote on morals.

  2. What foolishness is this? So the US a few days ago cancelled it’s meeting with a select team from Caricom and then chooses it’s lackeys in the region to pursue it’s aggression against one of our sister countries, Venezuela? These leaders need to grow some balls and respectfully ask Trump and Co. to kindly meet with the Caricom leaders and stop this divide and rule strategy.

  3. Please ask Mr Trump to grant funding to our police force. The last guy in office( Hussein Obama) the under cover muslim took that away from us and its done nothing but damage our country.

  4. Mr. Trump will have a very simple message for the Caribbean leaders: “You will support our upcoming invasion of Venezuela, or else you might be next!!!”

  5. That’s for sure we have plenty of idiots in our mids just assuming things and make foolish comments if you’ll are so bright as you’ll clamming why don’t throw you’ll hats in the ring and be a minister or a prime minister so that when others critisize you’ll you’ll will keep you’ll *** close.

    • Trying to be smart when you clearly are not! By the way, you’ll = you will, while y’all = you all.

  6. They have soo much in common. They will get along very well. Maybe Chastanet can cash in his US citizenship and get a job on Trump’s cabinet and never come back home.

  7. These two are so similar,I dont wish bad for our PM,but I pray for the heavens to unleash a rod of lightning on Donalds golf clubs,when hes playing,and set fire to his piti lolo and all the rest of his miserable carcase.As a Hindu believer I should not preach hatred to another human.But this animal dosent deserve to walk on this planet,

  8. Hope Trump dosent fall in love with chas.Chas will have to die his hair yellow,and please dont say …fake news.Dos idiotas playing golf

  9. Can someone please refresh my memory, Im failing to remember if Obama ever met with Caribbean leaders, also what has Obama done for the Caribbean community? please help me…i Just…cant trying to, I really am. What did he do for us again? surely someone must remember…

  10. Oh yes, the PM will be in all his glory, when he meet with this wicked Trump, because he is learning from him of course. Wicked ones, power is not forever, just remember that!!

  11. A lot of you commentators want to comment but have not understood international politics.
    Politicians come and go but countries remain. When you in office its about trying to get the best deal for your country. They all do even worst the Caribbean ones.

    You go ahead Mr. Chastanet. We are a struggling country and see what you can get for us.
    To all you sikoy critics get real. Don’t All the world leaders flock to the white House ti better their country?
    Why should chastanet be the exception.
    Caricom? What’s that? A fast of a group of inert decision makers each doing their own thing anyway.

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