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Saint Lucia PM’s Motion to Extend State of Emergency to September 2020


The following is the Prime Minister’s statement on the motion.

Mr. Speaker, As a nation, we must ask ourselves

1.        What are we trying to achieve? – To save lives and livelihoods. Hence we must adequately manage our health care system to ensure it is not overwhelmed and rebuild our economy at the same time.

2.        How are we going to achieve this – the plan of our 5 phased approach with the necessary goals in each phase and the triggers to move forward and triggers to revert.  This plan only works if we are under a State of Emergency.

3.        How will we know we are on track – constant monitoring and evaluation of our 15 triggers and the 9 public health monitoring indicators.

4.        If we are not on track what are we going to do about it – our weekly routines will keep us focused on what is important, allow for small incremental steps and/or changes where necessary.  At this stage a State of Emergency becomes critical to allow for flexibility to pull back and make changes where necessary.

Having examined the actions of our neighbours in the region and internationally, it is clear that a State of Emergency is the best mechanism in securing timely and seamless execution of protocols and guidelines.

Mr. Speaker, a State of Emergency is no small matter.

A State of Emergency comes as a result of a declaration by government in response to an extraordinary situation posing a fundamental threat to the country. In our case, we face two fundamental threats; a pandemic and secondly the risk of a financial/economic crisis.

It remains one of the most, if not the most effective mechanisms in dealing with events which pose a fundamental threat to a country and it reminds us all to remain vigilant.

If I were to make an analogy Mr Speaker, I would say that COVID-19 is a hurricane like no other that we have faced in this region. It has the potential to wipe out entire nations and cripple economies if not managed properly. Like a hurricane, the best chance of survival is to prepare. A state of emergency for the next 4 months will allow us to continue to implement and adequately monitor the effectiveness of the measures we have put in place, and to make quick adjustments as required.

Mr. Speaker some may ask why 4 months?

As we strive to reopen Saint Lucia under a phased approach we are guided by the rest of the world. With many countries in the world moving to reopen their borders and the waves of recurring infections, it is important that Saint Lucia is able to react quickly by implementing the necessary measures to reduce and contain the spread of this virus. Essentially time to implement, review and react is of the essence.

Despite our success thus far, and Saint Lucia standing out as a leader in the region and the world, we cannot rest easy. As we look toward the future and our ‘new normal,’ we must remember what was effective in getting us to this point and what is needed to continue to stay the course to keep our communities and our loved ones safe.

By extending the State of Emergency, this will allow for the competent authority to act with immediate dispatch on the advisement of our health officials, resulting in the need to declare operational necessary measures.

As a result, Mr. Speaker, this further extension of the State of Emergency is being sought to facilitate a quick response if another outbreak of COVID-19 occurs.  The extension will also permit the continuance of the assistance provided by the Cuban Medical Team who is authorized to work only during the state of emergency, thereby strengthening the personnel capacities of the health sector during this volatile period.  On this basis, the state of emergency is proposed to continue from 1 June, 2020 to 30 September, 2020.

As a government, we reassure the people of Saint Lucia that we will constantly scrutinize the situation and our performance with the view to reducing the time frame if we continue to see positive trends.  As we have been doing throughout this crisis, we will keep you informed always of any amendments.

With God’s guidance, this government is committed to remaining on the right path in the weeks and months ahead for the survival and prosperity of our nation.

Mr. Speaker, I thank you and look forward to the support of my fellow Parliamentarians.


  1. PM we understand all what u trying to say but there are citizens who are stranded, I’m in martinique its been 3 months n its annoying ,open your eyes and see that’s y people’ are coming back door at least consider us

  2. Why are the Cubans only authoprized to work under a state if emergency? Why were we not told so when they arrived? Why are we only hearing about this now?

  3. Answers please,the Cubans have been here for more than a month now.I presume you were in another planet.We are even thinking of giving them a nobel prize.We have a grande amor for them hermanos

  4. That explanation for the 4 months of state of emergency makes no sense honestly. It seems you are just liking the power it affords you.

    • Mr. Prime minister. We Lucians are not idiots…..
      Have you ever heard of a country at a state of emergency allowing flights from countries with the pandemic to holiday in our island? You want lucians to be locked down like slaves while tourist roaming our island free as a bird and spreading their virus here……As for the minister of health she doesn’t even know what she is talking about. Just remember this ….. Coronavirus is a bacterium….. amplified with 5G electromagnetic radiation. What do you have in place to fight this when our island mobile system is upgraded????

  5. ppl ppl lets as chass say: do not let our guard down….they handled covid well once….country opening in june let’s see if they will handle covid well twice….i sit on my chair sipping wine n eating cheesecake…..

    if not, we will handle them at the polls…then our guard wont be let down…..

  6. I’m certain lots of persons haven’t gotten any aid under this state of emergency and are in dire need where the aurhorities also haven’t made the effort to get the urgency help to those folks,so tell me how are they gonna endure until sept.?….it’s not just sitting pretty in high position and getting hansome salary and doesn’t have any clue how struggle to stay alive get by…i hear all those hot air talk about contribution to non NIC contributors and about filling form,i tried myself and the page doesn’t have an access to submit form…what is this about?

  7. this CANNOT BE DONE. people must oppose this. if this is some misguided way of controlling the crime rate then you are a group of fools running government. you cant be under a state of emergency that long without causing more harm than good. kids will be at home, and in the community and will be abused by friends, some parents and relatives. there must be some sense of normalcy for any population for the sake of their health. chastanet ‘s bad idea cant be allowed here. Not only are st lucians stranded overseas but other countries have lifted restrictions from June 14th and some by July 1st. Who is advising Chastanet on those poor policy choices? who cares that the Cuban doctors can only work under a state of emergency. you dont strangle an entire country for a few Cuban doctors to get money. This has to be revised definitely. Open up the island fully by July 1. Limit the number of flights coming in per week until sometime in August which is a low season anyways. Opening up borders fully by July 1st, means that those who really need and want to come to the island, can come in, including citizens. there has to be a sense of normalcy for citizens. extending this state of emergency until september is nonsense. it will create more problems in the end. Summer heat and the virus dont mix that well anyways, so hopefully that affects its spread. citizens coming in later in the year should be encouraged to isolate for 14 days when they come in and report at the nearest respiratory clinics for test after the period. this will help test, track and treat. they should also be encouraged to avoid crowded buses when they report to clinics, to avoid the possibilities of spreading anything.

    • Agree with the comment but I would say that those coming in can isolate for the first 7 days instead as the the new information coming in suggest a shorter time period. so after a week, they should report to clinics and continue being careful until their results come in. The people concerned should be fastracking those results. when isolating, they should be asked limit contact in their household by wearing masks, staying 6 feet away to social distance, using bathrooms first and decontaminating these areas as a precaution. concentrated bleach in water in a spray bottle can help santiise. a cheaper alternative for cleaning large areas. the items handled, including cutlery should only be for their use in addition to the handwashing, ect… that we now know. with these sensitisation measures for the population, we can continue to be on the right track.

  8. Chas let them do what they want I can see if SLP get into power next year lucians will not even have bread to eat.They will raise everything we will be worse than ever that’s why I don’t vote but I have a brain no politicians fooling me.

  9. I thought the PM was doing a good job until now.. How can you continue a state of emergency when we have no active cases. Please open up the country before you kill it.. Not everyone has Covid, not even a large percentage.. Start using Logic and Stop being Controlled by Fear..

  10. I am very concerned that the PM is trying to extend the state of emergency. The reasons given are not justifiable. No other country in the Caribbean have issued a state of emergency and they had more cases than Saint Lucia. The PM and his Cabinet of Ministers are using this to punish Public Officers for refusing his offer so that he can increase the salaries of his Cabinet by 55%. What the general public must realize is that the entire country will suffer more because of this. How can hotels such as Sandals be allowed to operate but the small businesses such as rum shop owners must remain closed when this is how they earn a living. Persons not paying NIC are yet to receive any support from the Government and each time a set of mis-truths are fed to the Public. It is time Saint Lucians rise up as a people, not based on colour of party but for justice and equity and rights for all. When will we learn as a people that the only ones benefiting right now are the politicians. Saint Lucians open your eyes, get the facts and make informed decisions. Why are we continuing with projects using NIC money , when the poor man can’t get his benefits. The decisions being made will not only affect us but our children as well.

    How can a Government not have any reserves to fall back on in times of crisis, when they have been preaching that citizens must save for rainy days. COVID-19 has just revealed the true mismanagement of the country’s funds by the Government.

  11. That’s pure bs and abuse of power. Why can’t that idiot chastnet see the negative effect that’ll have on our poor economy? Almost all first world countries are opening next month but the tiny island St Lucia with less than 20 cases and no new cases in almost a month wants to stay closed for a ridiculous 4 more months. That’s pure insanity. We should just call elections now.
    That June 4th tourism plan sounds like some communist countries plan. I would never travel with those silly prison like restrictions.
    Temperature checks before meals, individuals confines to a single location 24/7, only authorized taxis
    What about the workers who indirectly depend on tourism?
    The taxi drivers, vendors at the attractions?
    Mr Chastnet please open our country. This plan will do more help than good

  12. Everything for Lucian’s is politics. Let the man do his thing. If u were in England n Canada which says getting back to normal is only with a vaccine then many of u would be dead. He did not say stay home,don’t go out or don’t drink nor have fun,he said he is doing it for his borders. Let the country go thru it’s thing n u go thru yours. All those stuck in Martinique i wonder would u say stranded if things were different? Hypocrites are what u people are.

    There is nothing in the air, people have the flu but cmo is stressing on wearing a mask which is dangerous to the health. I would not vote for labour even if they were the last party on earth. If Chastanet as would labour don’t obey the elites rules st Lucia will be hit with something worse than this flu. U people don’t understand politics n the tanticles of the shadow government. No pm or president runs a country on their own. Wake up or stay sleeping.

    I will only have a problem when he starts talking about vaccines…

    • “No pm or president runs a country on their own. Wake up or stay sleeping.” Didn’t know there were people living at the bottom of Mariana’s Trench! You should be used as a specimen to scientifically investigate stupidity!

    • I think you are watching too many American conspiracy theories. The PM, his father and Guy are the three rulers of this country and the State of emergency is too make it easier to do whatever he wants in those 4 months

  13. That’s total nonsense. Why don’t the district reps do their jobs to see how people are opposed to this nonsense before making a decision.
    Fact check we live in a democracy not some communist place
    It’s so ironic how a free country just wants to shove down our throats a nonsensical state of emergency just for some Cuban doctors. We are not in Cuba prime minister of you’re would actually listen to the voices of the people who elected you. 🤦

  14. We just need go back to normal and stop inciting fear in the residents. As with many past pandemics most recently the even more deadlier swine flu (H1N1) which infected up to 1.4 billion people worldwide. St. Lucia never closed nor were we impacted by it but some dumb corona virus, everything is closed.
    Higher temperatures and UV light are proven to decrease the transmission of the virus and this is available 24/7 in the tropical climate of the Caribbean.
    It makes no sense closing down everything hurting our already fragile economy where less than half of graduates get a proper job upon graduation. Shouldn’t we be more afraid of a recession which would have more lasting impacts on us than a dumb pandemic which is already shown to be almost over. In stlucia there have been below cases which is less than 0.001% of the population, a 0% death rate and no new infections in almost a month.
    It’s time to go back to normal. In the US where cases are inflated to try to force lockdowns; things are already going back to normal. Why can’t we?

    • …….totally misguided so totally misguided this has more to do with economics rather than covid 19 I just laughing my ass off reality sinking in big time last week it was a 6ft tidal wave this week it’s 12ft by the end of June watch size

      • Hell yeah. Money’s more important than some stupid made up “virus” which is so deadly.
        If its so deadly, heart attacks, cancer and vehicular accidents have higher death rates than covid, then lets shut down our lives and live in a bubble for them also since we are so afraid to die

  15. Why would you [a tourist] casually travel to a country far far away that is under a state of emergency? Whyyyyyyy?

    • Because its time to remove that stupid lockdown. Humans are meant to be free not under some slave like laws. Slavery was abolished in the 1800’s

  16. We really need to protest this crap. Mary Issac had the audacity to put out a statement saying some bs about what happens at night is witchcraft. And went rambling along wwith some pure nonsense trying to justify the extended lockdowns from 9PM -5AM each day.
    We aren’t slaves to you the government. These lockdowns and proposed emergency state for the next 4 months are uncalled for and we shoudl exercise our right to free speech and protest these nonsensical methods of abuse of power trying to be forced down upon us. I repeat we are not your slaves government.

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