Monday, February 17, 2020

Saint Lucia PM’s sports decisions prostituting the country

By Melanius Alphonse

The alternative reality propagated by the Allen Chastanet administration and its surrogates serves to reinforce their bewildering ignorance of the US$12 million ‘no-bid’ sports consultancy crony contract awarded to The Parker Company based in Florida.

Listening to a re-broadcast of the Chastanet propagandist television show last week, most notable for really low ratings, a caller posed a pointed question:

“Do you think it is a priority to have a sports consultant for EC$33 million?”

The government operative on set, Nancy Charles, aka Octopus Nancy, not to be confused with sea creatures famous for eight long sucker-studded arms, camouflage, and shape-shifting skills, was apparently oblivious to the fact that the no-bid sports consultancy agreement itself is easily accessible online replied:

“This is untrue! The government has not hired a consultant. The government is executing a project of improving our sports facilities.

“We have identified five key sports facilities to begin with. So we looking at the Soufriere mini stadium. The money is not for the consultant, the money is to construct the facilities, to design, to build the facilities.”

Understanding the politics that protect the job of propagandist, unable to subscribe to accountability, leaves the unpleasant fact of a credibility deficit.

What’s essential to the reality on hand is that, scientifically, the octopus’s neurons aren’t even concentrated in its head – in fact, two-thirds of its “brains” are distributed in its arms.

Moreover, in this situation, unable to think with its brain, the mind-bending species was unable to access attachment B – Specific Scope of Work – Introduction & Background that reads:

“The TPC team was contracted by the GOSL in September 2017 for Phase 1 work through March 2018 and for Phase 2 work to commence in April 2018 for an additional fifteen (15) months period with several projects to be designed and constructed by February to June 2019. The assignment of Phase 1 was to develop a Master Plan and National Sports Strategy with the goals and objectives as follows:”

“The TPC team in its master plan recommendations developed two categories to start projects in 2018 as follows: Shovel Ready Projects and Study Ready Projects.

“Shovel Ready Projects are defined as existing venues that merit immediate consideration for upgrade as part of the “ national interest” as well as serve as to serve as model venues for the rest of the country in several categories.

“Six (6) Shovel ready projects that are approved by GOSL… with funding in place by GOSL. TPC is immediately prepared to commence services on the following projects:

  1. “Mini Stadium” (Soufriere) – identified as model Iconic/National Venue –with hard completion deadline –February 2019
    2. “Dennery Sports Complex – identified as model Large Sports Hub
    3. “Gros Islet Football Ground –identified as model Medium Sports Hub
    4. “Micoud North Sports Complex – identified as model Medium Sports Club
    5. “Micoud South Sports Complex – identified as model Community Club
    6. “Gros Islet Secondary School – identified as model School Ground”

“The projects are anticipated to begin advanced engineering and design starting 1 April 2018 with completion in 12-15 months’ time or March to June 2019.

“Study Ready Projects are defined as existing venues or proposals newbuild venues that merit immediate and further study by the TPC team to develop solutions and options for the GOSL to consider in the very near future but after more due diligence.

“The TPC has identified six (6) Study Ready projects that are approved by the GOSL by virtue of this agreement and with funding in place by GOSL for further due diligence. TPC is immediately prepared to commence services on the following projects:

  1. “George Odlum National Stadium – identified as model Iconic/National Venue
    2. “The Saint Lucia Pavilion – aka Daher Mall – identified as model Iconic/National Venue
    3. “Beausejour Sports Complex – aka Daren Sammy – identified as model Iconic/National Venue
    4. “Mindoo Philip/ Marchand Grounds – identified as model Large Sports Hub
    5. “Vigie Sports Complex – identified as model Large Sports Hub
    6. “National Sports Park (Cul de Sac) – identify as Iconic/National Venue”

“The TPC team will further study each of these six (6) projects. For design, commercial and operations solutions to be finalized for recommendations to the GOSL by the close of project timeline.

”Reports, budget and schematic designs will be developed and submitted from the TPC team for the GOSL to consider future likely in 2019-2021.”

Chastanet crony Don Lockerbie made some notable pronouncements at a recent press conference in Saint Lucia:

The Sports Academy: “The Gros Islet Secondary School has been selected as this world class Sports Academy. Trust me we brought in consultants who have world class education experience as well as sports academy experience, in addition we will also be upgrading sporting facilities at the Gros Islet Secondary school.”

The George Odlum Stadium: “It is still undecided what to do with the facility, which also serves as a makeshift hospital. Effectively it has been condemned. When the hospital moves what we do with the stadium. We are not ready to give that answer yet and are still studying it.”

The Daher Mall: “This massive structure becoming “frankly the regions first world class indoor sport and entertainment events multi-purpose arena. In other words Saint Lucia’s own Madison Square Gardens, capable of staging multi events like concerts, trade shows, boat shows, car shows, religious events, conferences, retail outlets, banks, etc.”

On the tender process: “We sent to nine sporting conglomerates around the world and seven responded. We narrowed it down to four major worldwide conglomerates. The government appointed Selection Committee is chaired by Edmund Estephane, Minister of Youth Development and Sports, and also included mister’s Herod Stanislaus and Lenard Montoute and other members of the community,” expecting to make a decision this month.”

Regarding project financing, Lockerbie said: “I am not the government but I have shaken the hand of the ambassador of Taiwan,” emphasising, “I play golf with him.”

In a social media statement, Prime Minister Chastanet said:

“We hope that these upgrades along with the new sports programmes which we are implementing, will help improve the level and frequency of competitions, help develop world class athletes and help to serve as a vehicle for encouraging a culture of teamwork, co-operation and discouraging anti-social behaviour. This project is being financed with the help of our friends from the Republic of China (Taiwan).”

In this regard is relevant to understand how an octopus manages its complex feats of cognition to illustrate some of the fundamental elements of dysfunction in the Chastanet administration – outlandish and sophisticated intelligence dedicated to the fine operations of suckers.

Even incredible was the proposition advanced by the neurons of Octopus Nancy that: “I want to say that perhaps, when you look at it, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is mesmerized by the depth and breadth of the United Workers Party (UWP) administration.”

The deeper meaning also accelerates the understanding and demystification of the Chastanet administration’s clinical de-education and socio-economic dismantling exercise of the “Citadel of our democracy”, not understanding Saint Lucia and the constitution, but instead choosing to gamble and prostitute Saint Lucia’s future.


  1. another labour crony. Disappointed that someone is actually doing something in this country instead of just feeding their rebate officers. If he can pass the red tape some kind of development will actually happen. To many labour operatives in key positions to stall or kill development. Do what you gotta do.

    • Well!, Well!! Well!!! so called” Lucian”. You mean after reading such a brilliant piece of writing with all the facts and direct quotes, that’s your preschool education response? You mean your only response is naming calling?

  2. Please be advised Lucian the only time Labour can kill anything is if the there is a requirement for 2/3 majority.. So please explain what are you talking about labour killing things. Thank you

    • Another one of the 43% with preschool education thinking he/she independent but so full of it that he calls the “Brilliant piece my rear.” SMH @ dreaming INDEPEND.ENT.

    • They cannot criticize the message so they criticize the messenger. We have limited resources to move forward with St. Jude’s, but we have 10 grand US to pay for a sports consultant. Priorities are so misguided that those defending are looking past these issues…it’s like religion to them defending the indefensible.

  3. Melanius Alphonse I see you working hard on all fronts trying to make the Government of the day and Allen Chastanet look bad at every chance you get when it concerns the media. You doing it here, in Canada, the U.S.A and throughout the Caribbean. But don’t worry Mr. Man I hope you put your money aside because I want you to make my words your ass is going to face the heat that you have been fanning and it won’t nice or easy. Wasn’t it Caribbean News Now that was taken to court the other day for reporting or creating false news. The reason I know so because it was in the news and trust me there’s more to come. But it’s a pity that suckers like you weren’t around to do investigations on all the hint of wrong doing that KENNY and his boys were doing back then or maybe yall eyes and mouths are shut when it comes to the party. Where was NEWS NOW: Grynberg deal and documents being at EARL’S HOME meaning KENNY TOLD EARL TO LEAVE IT THERE, when JUFFALLI was given diplomatic immunity to protect him from his wife divorce proceedings when the there was a HINT THAT HILIARE DID it deliberately to assist him either for a PRICE or FAVOR, when ROCHAMEL was also the deal of the century, when ST.LUCIA HOUSE NY was handed over to a citizen to pay his loans to a loan shark by YOURS DISHONESTLY EARL, when THE ST.JUDE’S HOSPITAL was given many dates to open in KENNY time and nothing happened, when LAMBIRDS SCANDAL, when COST OVER RUN on WEST COST HIGHWAY and the list can go on. But your turn will come my boy it will come. And I want CHASTANET to lose the next elections so bad for labour to come in just to see when they start EFFING UP again what some of yall HACKS reactions are going to be.

  4. How do u keep on sustaining all these massive projects after they are completed will those projects bring in so much revenue that they can be self sustained.It is not about building massive structures.From all indications this illusion of grandoies will be leaving the country panting for it last breath . DEVELOPMENT SHOULD NOT BE at ONE MAN OSTENTATIOUS DISPLAY OF SWELLING WORDS OF INSANITY .

  5. Cannot believe a platform that’s is suppose to disseminate factual and impartial news will carry such an article especially in the form it was written by the author. Even going to the point of calling people names like a little school yard bully. I am beginning to wonder if this is a nutural news source or part of a propaganda machine of the opposition. Carrying articles like this erodes confidence and has me asking is this a credible news source. Can I trust anything I read here. Already some of the stories are so badly written and now this. I can understand if maybe this was coming from the official opposition: not that it would make it any better, but coming from a random individual is just unacceptable. What the standard of this outlet? Any Tom, Dick or Harry can write anything and it will be purplished here? I am disappointed in this SLT.

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