Saint Lucia Police Arrest Male With Illegal Gun Outside Prison

Saint Lucia police and officers of the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF), arrested a male individual Monday morning for possession of an illegal firearm, law enforcement officials have reported.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times the arrest occurred about 10.30 a.m.

It was reported that the firearm contained one live round of ammunition.

A reliable source told St Lucia Times that law enforcement officers decided to conduct a search of the man after they noticed that he was acting suspiciously.

Just last week a veteran Saint Lucia prison officer was arrested for possession of marijuana and other contraband including hashish, telephone sim cards, razors and lighters hidden in a box of juice.

The suspect had over a decade of service as a prison officer.




  1. Was he bringing in a gun for an execution of a inmate ? hope they can work this one out,only one bullet?

  2. That prison officer whom they arrested should get dubble sentence and be in prison for life without perole cause he should know better the one with the gun should be in prison for life without perole they found you with the contraband you already guilty they found you with the gun you already guilty . nothing such as innocent until proven guilty it’s high time they cut that **** out that’s why criminals does go free or a few days in prison and come out doing criminality.

  3. it was Bordelais officers who made the arrest the police was no where there.The individual was retrained and taken to the Dennery police station.These news stations news to get the facts before broadcasting.

  4. Heard it was to execute a main gang leader from the slums area who just made the guy family get shot at bagatelle who is a female witness against four of them

  5. He should be given 100Years For posession of an unlicensed fire arm and ammunition .And the prison officer his Rope came to an end Finally

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