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Updated on May 29, 2020 11:19 pm

Saint Lucia Police Clamp Down On Traffic Violators

Saint Lucia police Tuesday conducted what was described as a routine enforcement drive aimed at ensuring that persons comply with the Island’s traffic regulations.

The initiative comes against the backdrop of a spike in serious traffic accidents.

“We are currently on the Millennium Highway checking for vehicles being driven without a valid driver’s license , vehicles driving without insurance – we’re just checking drivers; it’s a normal routine for the Traffic Department,” Acting Sergeant in Charge of Operations, Miguel Lansiquot, told St Lucia Times. 

Lansiquot said most drivers were cooperating with the police.

He explained that at the Traffic Department, the officers are very professional in the performance of their duties.

“We are just asking drivers to be patient and allow the police to do their work. If you have not committed an offence, the officers will just check your documentation and allow you to go your way,” Lansiquot stated.

He disclosed that the police often encounter a lot of people who have failed to pay for their vehicle licences.

The law enforcement official also revealed that the police have been encountering some cases of persons driving without a valid driver’s licence and insurance.

Lansiquot said that surprisingly, the police Monday morning encountered no issues involving motorcyclists who were not wearing protective gear.

However he urged motorcyclists to wear helmets.

On Saturday night, two young men on a motorbike died after it collided head on with a car at Richfond, Dennery.

Both were not wearing helmets at the time of the collision.




  1. Officers do some night stops, get the drinkers and the bad boys, mornings its normally commuters and housewives, but after dark now that is a whole different story. Its illegal to drink and drive here isnt it? Also illegal to carry someone in the back of an open truck, I never see these laws being enforced.

    • I totally agree with that effort by the Police. They should have begun by dealing with the PM who was riding on a motorcycle without a helmet and the police officer who was in charge of the motorcycle. Example is a powerful tool.

  2. bravo….but sorry to say only for a short time.
    .they dont LIKE taking the law serious…checking for criminals behind wheels can only be caught after a fete.

  3. Bible in a Year
    May 14
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    • Well the motorcycle/ vehicle gets impounded and unless the individual don’t return with the rightful documents and valid as well then the vehicle would not be released and if its not road friendly as well it will remain in police custody unless the issue have been sorted out.

  4. I strongly urged the commissioner of police to discipline the police officer who gave Chastanet the ride without helmet. And further more have Guy Joseph to discipline the junior Prime Minister Chastanet. Police should not charge any body without helmet until we hear the outcome of the police and Chastanet.

  5. In as much as this is a good thing but on the other hand stop saying where and when they will be having stop checks… in a narrow road you’ll catch criminals.
    To the chif of police please take some public advise too. Your idea alone is not enough to do what you have to do …1 we need traffic cops place in hidden spots that’s bate to catch criminals 2 stop using sirens when you’re out on a mission especially at nights use private vehicles to do that you’ll be able to catch criminals 3 have a lie detector place at headquarters cause you have crooked cops who do crooked things and lie about it when the public report them check yourself.

  6. Clamp down on gun related crimes idiots silly distraction like this to move attention from the real elephant in the room

  7. Give them Traffic Tickets as long as they Don’t Comply with the Traffic Act .Motor Cyclist Committ the most Traffic offences in St.Lucia .Secondly the Reckless Drivers on the Roads in St.Licia are Those with no Insurance Coverage .So the Traffic Department should be on the Roads Island wide day and night too much Nonesense happening on the roads in St.Lucia

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