Saint Lucia Police Get Top Honours At Cayman Islands Awards

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) won the top award Wednesday night at the Amalgamated Security Company 2019 annual awards in the Cayman Islands, local reports say.

Superintendent Mashama Sealy

Superintendent Mashama Sealy won the top prize for Best Caribbean Law Enforcement Career move for 2018, it was reported.

WPC Esnard Flavius

Senior Woman Police Constable (WPC) Esnard Flavius of Saint Lucia got second place for top Caribbean Community Policing Officer for 2018.

All 25 member countries of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police were eligible to submit nominations for the awards.

Caribbean Police Commissioners who met in the Cayman Islands this week discussed improving the effectiveness of regional policing, in the face of new technologies that allow criminals to network across borders.

The police commissioners were urged to adopt a more networked structure in response to sophisticated crime.

(Story updated to correct misspelling of Superintendent Sealy’s name)



    • He award is for work done in 2018 therefore Can’t be for 2019 since 2019 has only just began.

  1. I know our law enforcers are the most hard working in this hemisphere, and that makes them the best; i would like to congratulate them for their achievement! keep on going, don’t worry about those who criticise you; they are also in need of you!

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