Saint Lucia Police Investigate Report That Student Took Gun To School

Police are investigating a report that a male student took a gun to class this week.

Persons familiar with the report have told St Lucia Times that the school involved is the Corinth Secondary.

According to information, a teacher took the firearm from the student and the police later became involved.

Further details surrounding the incident are sketchy.

The police would only say that the matter is under investigation.

“Persons associated with with this incident are being engaged in the appropriate law enforcement manner. As soon as we have accumulated an authentic and credible body of factual information reference to this issue, we will then communicate this to the media,” Assistant Commissioner of Police with Responsibility for Crime and Intelligence, Wayne Charlery told St Lucia Times.

Police have also launched an investigation into the circulation on social media of a photograph of two young males in school uniform toting what are believed to be real firearms.

In the photo, one of the students points a handgun at the camera while the other cradles what appears to be a pump action shotgun.




  1. the time has come for school kids to go through metal detectors,I hate to say it it’s sad but it’s true.School is a place of learning now u have to wander if your kids are safe at school.

  2. Its because a platform is being provided for,when you have their parents jumping up with the drug kartel wgat fo you expect from them

  3. “The police would only say that the matter is under investigation.”
    … and … case closed!!

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