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Saint Lucia Police On Alert After They Receive Social Media Threat

A threat has been issued against Saint Lucia police on social media, following the shooting death of a youth this week in Odsan.

The social media threat has prompted a call for law enforcement officers to be on the alert.

Benjamin Cyril -Deceased

The threatening message comes on the heels of  the discovery of the body of  Benjamin Cyril, 22, of Bois Patat, Castries on Tuesday came after an incident in which law enforcement said some suspects exchanged gunfire with cops.

Police said Cyril has several previous convictions.

They also said reports had been made against him in connection with a number of serious offences including robberies, burglaries, assaults with a firearm, assault upon the person, wounding and threats

Since Cyril’s death an explicit message was posted on social media with the photo of the deceased, issuing a threat to the police while appealing to ‘bad boys’ and gangsters to take on law enforcement.

“Your death will not pass just so,” part of the post said.

The message has been widely shared among law enforcement officers along with an admonition to police officers to remain vigilant.

“I am my brothers and sisters keeper. Let’s fight crime together,” the post urged.

One law enforcement official in noting that the latest threat against the police has to be taken seriously, recalled an incident in  February, 2010, in which a police officer was killed during a Friday night shooting incident on the Castries Waterfront.

The late Corporal Vincent Peters

Corporal Vincent Peters and his partner, Timothy John, were fired upon by an armed bandit when they pulled up at the then National Commercial Bank to make a night deposit.

Although both were armed, Peters was killed on the spot while John was injured.

Owen Jacob Jules, who had previously threatened the police, was killed during the brazen robbery attempt.

Jules has earlier threatened the police on television after cops raided three inner city communities, asserting that not only the police had guns.

The threat had prompted national outrage.

Jacob Owen Jules (Shot dead by police in 2010) Courtesy HTS News

“We have guns too,” he had declared.

According to news reports, although Jules was arrested at the time he was not charged with an offence.

In an interview with HTS News at the time, then Police Commissioner Ausbert Regis explained that the law said any incitement to violence or hatred towards any group is an offence.

But Regis went on to explain that the definition of group did not include law enforcement.

According to HTS, he asked for an amendment to that law.





      • What are talking about ? How many people have been attacked or killed after they have been threatened on social media and in person, reported the incident to the police force(service).And they did nothing. The main job of the Police is to protect the citizenry!

    • It is irrelevant whether it was a robbery or the police being fired upon. The following determines the law and the law can be interpreted to fit both scenarios since robbery is an indictable offence:

      It is recognized that the Commissioner, lawmakers and the law determines the rules of engagement with alleged criminals and suspects. The rules have already included that police officers can defend themselves and can kill individuals in trying to effect an arrest someone whom they suspect of having committed or about to commit an indictable offence. In case it was a citizen who had killed the laws says citizens can kill a person in order to effect the arrest of person who HAS committed an indictable offence. Note the difference and know the LAW.

      So for people who are unaware of police powers of arrest take note that you can be killed in order to be arrested if you are resisting of fleeing. You only have to be a suspect of an indictable offence for that action to kick in. However the police officers are to be reminded that force cannot be used disproportionately or unreasonably as it can be argued whether under the circumstances the force used was necessary for the protection of life, damage to property or to secure an arrest for an indictable offence.

  1. Do they even have the facility or ability to know who sends these messages on social media?Many times people report threats or harassment against them on social media and nothing is done

  2. But the most important fact for anyone is that there is a possibility that you can be killed if you are avoiding arrest. You cannot come back after you are dead and your human rights as to the unlawfulness or unreasonableness of police action only kicks in after you are dead. So think about that carefully.

  3. The matter is Under investigation the police have to Maintain a low profile .The persons that Fool have Robbed and Shoot they Should post their Ordeal on Social Media .That Thug He should be Dead about 10 times

  4. This threat has just given the police the right of way to shoot to kill with justification. Let us hope that the police restrain from the use of force as much as is bearable, but remain vigilant and proactive. Just be sure that the target is the right one. It is a case of “kill or be killed”. The majority will support the police as long as their actions are justified by law. There should be ZERO tolerance when life is threatened. Trace that text by any means necessary.

  5. But them so called gangsters, bad man, eh realise they dying by the bullets from cops or other bad men in short time. Just so all u going and work hard, tiff etc just to die and not enjoy the life. Choops tan. Well if all u so bad just walk in Castries with guns in your hands and try kill cops. Don’t hide behind masks and run or drive off. Running is cowardly act. All ehat dat idiot did he is now DEAD. The cops and the majority of ppl lives he crossed are still alive. What a waste.

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