Saint Lucia Police Probe ‘Gunman’ Video

The Intelligence Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has been investigating a video which was posted on social media of a young man brandishing what appear to be two automatic weapons.

The youth, whose identity is concealed, also has what seem to be three handguns in the pockets of his trousers as he shuffles to music playing in the background.

Screen grab from video

“I can tell you that our Intelligence Unit has been investigating that video over the past week or more now and we are still investigating,” Assistant Commissioner with responsibility for Crime Management and Intelligence Development, Wayne Charlery, told MBC Television.

Charlery explained that a determination has not been made whether the video is of Saint Lucian origin.

Some reports suggest that it was recorded here at Jacmel.

But the senior police official said law enforcers have not been able to determine whether that is factual.

Questioned about the posting of such material on social media, Charlery told MBC that from a law enforcement perspective, there will always be photos and videos of ‘unsavoury circumstances’ being circulated.

“Our responsibility in terms of individuals should be not to perpetuate or encourage that. So even the media at large have a responsibility in trying not to further promote unlawfulness and illegality,” he told the television channel.

“We now need to be a bit more responsible. I would think that when this video would have come out – before it aired, law enforcement at least needs to be reached and then of course, we would probably be able to give a statement or not as the case may be and then it probably now would assist media houses in maintaining their credibility,” Charlery explained.

He recalled that a gruesome photo or video of a young woman’s throat being slashed had been circulated for public consumption.

“Only to learn two or three days later that this video would have come from some country in Africa,” the Assistant Police Commissioner observed.

“I think overall, if we are responsible we now would be better off both in terms of maintaining credibility in disseminating information via the media and of course, not perpetuating or encouraging lawlessness,” he stated.




  1. Sometimes you gotta fool the fool that thinks he’s fooling you….read slowly 3 times…..

  2. I listened to the video over and over again and trying to hear what he’s saying somebody should put this video on a slow motion and listen to the words and accent and to determine weather it’s from saint Lucia.

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