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Saint Lucia Police Probe Suspected Homicide

Saint Lucia police are investigating a suspected homicide at La Croix Maingot, a senior law enforcement official has confirmed.

The deceased has been identified as Nathalbert Alfred, alias ‘Lover Boy’.

He died Thursday at Victoria Hospital, days after being struck by another individual on Monday, family members say.

A video of the deceased on the ground after he was struck has been making the rounds on social media.

Godfrey Alfred – Brother of Deceased

“The doctors say they never see something like that in their life – the first time they saw somebody got a lash with a stone or a piece of stick, whatever he hit my brother with, all the brain, the skull mash up. He was bleeding through his head, his nose and everything. It’s very bad,” Godfrey Alfred, the brother of the deceased told St Lucia Times.

“He was not a bad person, ” Godfrey said of his sibling.

Godfrey was among family members summoned to Victoria Hospital Thursday morning where they were informed that Nathalbert Alfred had died.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that details surrounding the incident involving Nathaniel Alfred are still sketchy.

The results of a post mortem examination are being awaited.

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  1. My brother sometimes its just jealousy and envy which brings an end to a mans life even when you may offer assistance to a man in need.
    Soldier you were taken aware from us by the community IDIOT. BY now many will say lets pray and call on GOD to end this suffering and pain but for real, what’s your contribution in bringing an end to all this.
    My brother the COWARD will only hide. We know how you suffered and now passed but he doesn’t know what his will be like. The game is on and he is IT.

  2. I just hope that Lucians don’t become completely desensitized to homicides. Where are the plans to arrest this much too frequent spate of killings? Clueless, incompetent, unconscionable GOVERNMENT!

  3. The accused in that incident has a history of stabbing, chopping, assaulting others including young women. But his mother will always say her son will never go to jail. I wonder what the outcome of this latest incident will be. RIP Lover Boy.

  4. And yet you guys reaching hospital and saying the man drink and fall. That young boy from la croix that did it. They need to go get him if he eh reach martinique because thats where the whole family goes. This guy was a nice guy yes he drinks at times. But the did no harm to this young man. They so bad and yet they run for cover…..ask his mother where he is in sure she knows……she leaves less than 10 mins away from the man….

  5. Yo kye tan!don’t tell me in anyway that the decease didn’t provoke this upon himself…ppl need to learn how to be amicable and walk away from any form of violence…i know lucians very well,they quick to cuss out and give bad chat….i’m not saying this is the situation here but trust me,he who is in a fight and runaway live for other days….condolences!

    • not the situation, the decest told the murderer to leave a school girl alone who he was troubling on the road he got mad and attempted the curse out the guy from there it escalated. Those bad boys always get supporters. Call upon or not them marijuana heads need to behave. I know both of them very well. The family is not just saying he was quiet. He was a no trouble individual who always in a garden or doing work for someone. When they brought him to hospital he was unresponsive and they lied trying to say he was drank and fell. All of them should take jail as far as I see..

  6. The result of a lawless and Godless generation. Time to get real with your life.
    Of course, some people will blame the Government for this too.

  7. Lover boy you came to my house a couple times when I was back home last Christmas season. It was a surprise visit and We shared many jokes and laughed uncontrollably at times. My husband, cousin, siblings and even father-in-law enjoyed your company. You were a harmless soul. You only spoke of good, yet you were taken away 💔. We didn’t know that this would be the last time we’d ever see you.😭😭😭 It’s here We’re taking comfort in the Lord’s word as we grieve your loss – Deuteronomy 32:35: It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.” RIP dear soldier God’s got you!

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