Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saint Lucia Police Put On Career Showcase

Saint Lucia police put on a career showcase Friday in Constitution Park, Castries,  as part of Youth Month activities.

“We are basically showcasing what it takes to become a police officer,” Sergeant Alex Morgan told St Lucia Times.

On display were various police paraphernalia, including uniforms and equipment and a weapon.

Sergeant Alex Morgan

Morgan said there was a high level of public interest in the police display.

“The police booth is one of the most visited booths,” he explained.

Morgan said people are interested in the equipment used by the Saint Lucia law enforcers, request demonstrations and pose for photographs near the police motorcycles.

Police Officer engages visitors to career showcase in conversation

“The people love the police because we are the ones who have to protect them,” he told St Lucia Times.

He said the mind set of some people changes when they understand what the work of the police entails.

Morgan explained that the police love what they do.

“The things we do on a daily basis – we do more good than the bad that you hear. Even the good that we do, the version you hear, you think it’s something bad because some people have that negative image of the police,” the police sergeant stated.

But he declared that regardless of the situation, the police are there to serve even if some people do not like them.




  1. What it takes to become a police officer in St. Lucia? For the vast majority, poor grades as a result of low discipline.

  2. The sentence has to many (ands) the person that wrote that article got poor grades

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