Saint Lucia Police Seize $3M In Cocaine – One Man Arrested

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On Sunday, July 10, 2022, a joint police operation involving officers attached to the Drug Unit, Special Services Unit and the Police Marine Unit, resulted in the interception of cocaine, valued about three million dollars.

The intelligence driven operation was conducted at Lanse Cork Beach in Dennery.

One hundred (100) blocks, with a combined weight of one hundred and sixteen (116) kilograms of suspected cocaine, were seized and one individual was arrested in connection with the seizure.

Titus Alfred of Victoria Street, Dennery, was formally charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug to wit: Cocaine and Possession of a Controlled Drug with Intent to Supply, contrary to the Drug (Prevention of Misuse Act).

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The defendant will be escorted to the District Court for a bail hearing, today, Tuesday July 12, 2022.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. All the brain storm about forty thousand that’s been paid for to dogs per month hope they were on this operation good job officers now let’s get these guns of the street’s expectations can you disarm them please to much killings

  2. Titus make sure you get the 3 million to pay the columbians eh…they coming and take watever is justified for their goods they eh care if u eh sell it or if police sieze it u jus hv to pay up.mweh mem…not me and dat life style

  3. Hush, I don’t hide my name. People like you support illegal activities too much in this country. When I analyze your statement properly I think you are in some drug dealing activities too.

  4. When is not bobol and contracts to inlaws is drugs…. who checking Titus sister again……Dennery, the cesspool of dark Money and Dirty Politics

    • Titus needs to speak out but would he. This one will die like the container on the compound, trust me. 3 million worth of cocaine could never belong to Titus so Mr Minister claim your goods. No Mr Pierre do what you promised during the campaign, get rid of these criminals.

  5. Oh well drugs in Dennery ?? That’s like finding a chamber maid in a hotel. So who is the BIG FISH ?? I bet he wont squeal, we all know he was just the errand boy, fisherman in Dennery don’t have that kind of money to purchase so much cocaine. Well all I have to say to him is if they will give you a slap on the wrist for throwing the BIG FISH under the bus go for it… might have to hide, but at least you wont rot in jail.

    • Ahhhhhh who’s the big fish you say…….or who’s the laughing fish? After all, the minister had already started a trend of keeping it in the family with inlaws rewarded big contracts maybe the tarzan chairman can shed some light on this one……might just be a family affair?

  6. Sooo what about that buss last year?? How much was found in the container and who was formally charged? The one up north ee…by the business place…ohhhh so mouth shut eh..but this one done charge and his name all over.. It is time we stand together and demand answers.

  7. Oh yes names can come out so quickly but when it is seized from the politicians it doesn’t even make news. Desir and the top brass get out and let Charlery be commissioner. Claudius will just about die, literally.

  8. Bolo Byran always there with his negativity sure u will get your cut at the station from that burst, the poor will always remain poor in this country

  9. In my opinion drugs are only legal when they arrive in 20 or 40ft containers. Also, it is further appropriate if it is Bringing Value Home.


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