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Saint Lucia Police Seize ‘High Powered’ Weapon

Saint Lucia police seized what has been described as a ‘high powered’ weapon and ammunition during an operation Saturday afternoon, it has been reported.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the illegal weapon and ammunition were discovered at the home in the North of the Island.

Police later arrested a senior employee of a local private sector company, reliable sources said.

No other details were immediately available.

It’s the second seizure of a high powered weapon within the past few weeks.

Last month police arrested a man at Morne Du Don after an M4 Carbine  and ammunition were found in a Mitsubishi Lancer he was driving.

Ronnie Montoute of Bocage Castries was arrested and charged for the offence.

He was granted bail in the sum of $13,000  or suitable surety when he appeared in court, prompting expressions of concern from Justice Minister, Hermangild Francis.

Francis, whose responsibility also includes National Security, said he was troubled by the granting of bail and announced plans to get jurisdiction for gun crime removed from the Magistrate Court and placed before the High Court.





  1. The person must be a bourgeois that is why the name of the person and company is not given. Will wait to see if the names are released next week.

    • Can’t protect yourself in your own house or place of business? Guess the criminals are the only people who should have weapons. I say get yourself a gun, a cutlass and a vest; St. Lucian police can not protect life and property….never have…never will.

  2. If was a police Officer His Force Number .Name .Rank and Address would Be published or give over Social Media .I Guess is one of the High Breed in Society living in St.Licia .They can afford to pay the Local Lawyers to Move around things .I admire the American Shitstem theres no Big man or Small man .

  3. last time a high powered weapon was seized in Morne Du Don, to me the name and image of person was in the news immediately…so different strokes for different folks!!!!

  4. This is old style journalism. A recent case of high power weapon possession you cannot tell me what type of weapon but you can talk so much about a previous case. That’s just being repetitive. People need to know and be updated as to whats happening so tell us what is happening now. Don’t you and old report to fill in the gaps. Get out there and follow the news don’t depend on press releases

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