Saint Lucia Police Seize More Guns, Ammunition

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Thursday the 03rd day of March 2022 from about 3:30am, Officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station CID and General Duties, Criminal Investigations Department Castries,K9 Unit and the Special Services Unit conducted operations in the Trouya, Bocage and Guesneau areas.

During the conduct of this operation the officers searched the premises of 57 year old Boniface Myron Zephrin at Bocage and during the search recovered a. 22 rifle with a scope serial number 31215 behind a clothing dresser in the defendant’s bedroom and 54 rounds of .22 ammunition and one round of .380 ammunition.

The officers also searched the premises of 56 year old Gerald Williams aka Calpat at Bocage and recovered a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol and 9 rounds of 9mm ammunition. Also arrested during that search was his girlfriend Josanne Griffith of Bocage

They all were escorted to the 1st District Court and granted bail in following amounts
1 . Boniface Myron Zephrin granted bail in the sum of $18,000.00 cash or suitable surety
2. Gerald Williams granted bail in the sum of $15,000 cash or suitable surety
3. Josanne Griffith granted bail in the sum of $15,000 cash or suitable surety.

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Next court date 21st of April 2022.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image of officer engaged in police operation.

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  1. And they just seized a whole bunch in Bois Den Jacmel. Good job officers in bringing some peace to that little community

  2. Are you for real! These guys are back on the streets with just $18,000 bail! This is chicken feed for these criminals. Keep in mind that these weapons may have already killed someone. So you could see the corruption starts from the Justice Department down. If someone had reported these guys to the police now they are in fear of retaliation; and we are wondering why the citizens do not talk and do not help the police even though they know who the criminals are.

    For that bail money it’s a shame and an insult to every law enforcement officer who risked his life in that operation or any operation. These guys should remain behind bars.
    This bail will give them enough time to plan and better strategized their own operation when they are officially released.

    If you don’t put them away when you get the chance then you are inviting or encouraging crime.

    However, one method to reduce crime in SLU is to have everyone to voluntarily turn in his weapon (license or not) and pay them. No questions asked.

  3. And what are they doing with the guns and ammunition? Are they destroying them? Do they have the equipment to destroy them?

    If not these efforts are futile. In a corrupt country with police officers who will let suspects out of jail and claim the bars were sawed.

    These guns will most definitely get back in the hands of the criminals

    • You’re an idiot what exactly do you want illegal guns on all corners of the island or innocent peoples safety. If you have nothing of value or of commonsense to say just shut up. You do not need special equipment to destroy the weapon,all the police have to do is remove the fireing pins and destroy them which renders the weapons useless.
      When trouble comes knocking at your door hopefully you will not call the corrupt police. IDIOT.

      • However if you pay an officer a hundred thousand dollars like the guy did in Babboneau that person could still go free without bail. And the weapon could be redone even after taking away the pin if you bring to a gunshop to fix thats why he ask to destroy it completely

      • @who, people like you are called jackasses Google your self, and to the other smart ass there are other way to destroy guns other than moving the pin.

        It’s called melting the metals. A lot of you fools in Saint Lucia are narrow minded a foolish.

  4. These unlawful weapons people have no business getting bail. This is no way to address a very serious problem. I feel sorry for the cops doing those Easter egg hunts.

    • @Poule Foo, you are so right. What is the purpose of giving bail for having an illegal firearm? And if you’re going to grant bail, why at such low amounts of cash?

      The judicial system in Saint Lucia is a mockery of the law. Until the there are changes to the laws in reference to illegal guns then we will always be in our present situation.

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