Saint Lucia Police Want To Speak To ‘Bisexual Roommates’ Of Murdered Briton Robert Hathaway

The Telegraph:–  Police investigating the murder of a British yachtsman in St Lucia have said they want to speak to a pair of young women who lived with the 66-year-old at his hillside bungalow.

Robert Hathaway’s bloody body was found was found last Sunday in the house that he shared with two unidentified women he described as “a bisexual couple of girls”.

Police said they were not alleging the women were responsible for the murder but said they wanted to talk to them as part of their investigation.

“We are not accusing anyone at this stage but we need to talk to these two as they frequented the property,” a police spokesman said.

“Bob Hathaway had many female friends and we are looking at the possibility that one of their boyfriends could have killed him and set things up.”

Mr Hathaway was found naked in bedroom with a pillow on his face. The police spokesman said they were suspicious that the scene may have been manipulated by a killer trying to hide their tracks.

“The crime scene looks a fair bit staged from what has been seen and the pillow was placed on his face. We are trying to ascertain how it got there,” the spokesman said.

Mr Hathaway, who lived on the island since 2001, had a complicated personal life. He had been married and divorced once in the UK and then met a 17-year-old woman in St Lucia named Marquena James.

In Facebook posts published after his death, Mr Hathaway referred to the young women who lived in his home as “a bisexual couple of girls… like two girlfriends,” according to The Times.

“One young gf [girlfriend] living with me alone would be bored witless,” he said. “So this arrangement seems logical, and two months in seems to work. It helps that they don’t like wearing clothes.”

The spokesman for the Royal St Lucia Police said: “Right now everyone is a suspect. We will pursue everybody connected with the deceased as is the case with all investigations. We will not relent until we find closure for the family.”


  1. How long ago did all this happen? all were shouting about these ladies,after all these days the police tackling the issue.Speed is esential when investigating a crime the more days that pass the less evidence you will find.Shame we dont get all the story how did he die? what weapon was used or what was the state of the scene of the crime.

  2. To the police spokesman who gave this information to the media. Sir you need to be relief a of your duties, yes you need a rest. YOU ARE NOT DOING ANY GOOD TO THE INVESTIGATORS, with these immature statements! That is all, because i am mad at you!

    • Take note Zabo … the quotes from the UK newspaper is not in keeping with the usual “language” of how our policemen speak. The UK newspapers typically have their way of misrepresenting quotes. That is if at all, the UK newspapers had any conversation with the RSLPF.

  3. Honestly, I read those two comments,and in my opinion it sounds,”Crass”;It lacks Wisdom, Sensitivity, Refinement and intelligence.”Why ask a rhetorical question”.We all Know that the Murder occurred about two weeks ago.Its obvious the Police are working with speed and will only furnish the Nation,with the information available to them.The Police was no where around when the crime occurred/happen.
    It’s obvious that;If you don’t find the perpreprator you cannot have all the evidence you are looking for.We were told that the scene was bloody,a pillow was found on his face and he was lying on his back facing the roof of the House.What else do you want,thus far they can only go according to what was found on the scene.Because of intelligence they are able to say now that are interested in speaking with the two, Bisexual ladies who were living with the decease.It sounds so (Crass), to state that the Press Officer, should be relieved from his/her duties.Tell me your qualifications in Police related duties, Crime scene Management,Case Management,Crime Investigations, then I may concur with you.We need to stop being too, critical of our Police, please furnish them with all the information we have and I’m positivly sure, they’ll solve;If, not but most of the Crimes that is happening in the Country.
    In all honesty we should never condem something, when we don’t have an input to help solve or correct the problem that is affecting us as a Nation.

  4. Wrong kind of info given. How he did etc. Not about the bf of one his gfs. Investigate the guy secretly and maybe he may talk and sell himself, but now he know all u looking for him or them. SMH. Police force has too many amateurs and ppl with lil brains.

  5. This article contradicts previous articles posted about this in relation to is wife and bisexual roommates. Facts before articles are published should be verified.

  6. What’s the age of consent in lucia. Mate was a pedofile checking that girl since 16 or 17 years. but we go play like we eh know that about him cuz he white and have money and know the bigger heads?

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