Saint Lucia Politician Says Trump Proclamation Unbelievable

Saint Lucia politician, Therold Prudent, has described as ‘unbelievable’, a proclamation by United States President, Donald Trump, making June as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.

“It’s just unbelievable,” Prudent told St Lucia Times.

The former leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) said he was not even sure that Trump wrote the proclamation.

“Everyone knows that he does not like to read. Everyone knows the statement is beyond the intellectual capacity of Mr. Trump,” Prudent asserted.

“If you are going to declare the month of June National Caribbean-American Month,  it is important to be close with the Caribbean expats in the diaspora and better understand their background and culture,”he observed.

Prudent, who has lived in the United States for some three decades, declared that if President Trump understood what the Caribbean is all about, he would not  try to do so many bad things to a people he is now glorifying for the month of June.

“These are the same people that are scared to hell about the fact that they may be deported back to their countries. These are the same persons that you say you are not going to create sanctuary cities for and you are de-funding cities like New York and LA and so forth where you have large populations of Caribbean people,” he stated.

Prudent accused Trump of doing everything in his power to ensure that Caribbean people are not safe in those cities.

He said he did not believe there is anything genuine in the US President’s proclamation.

Prudent asserted that Trump knows nothing about the Caribbean apart from having met recently with a few Caribbean leaders, including Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet.

Prudent told St Lucia Times that the US President’s proclamation amounted to a total insult given what he called ‘the amount of mischief’ done to the Caribbean community in the United States and the number of deportations under the Trump administration.

“I have always said that if you are in the people’s country and you participate in criminal activity, then they have a right to send you home. However if they came – illegally, but they are looking for a pathway to citizenship, it is still the law of the land that once you are here in the United States, they can’t just deport you.They need to give you a fair hearing.”

“You just don’t take people in the middle of the night and send them home,” Prudent stated.

“This month, we recognize the vibrant culture and patriotism of Caribbean Americans that continue to bolster our country and enrich our lives, and we pay tribute to the strong friendship between the United States and the countries of the Caribbean,” Trump said in the May 31 proclamation of June as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.


  1. Hmm im trying to remember what That other guy did for the Caribbean region. Thank you Mr Trump. This moves goes to fostering positive relation with the region. That other guy, you know…the black one, he didnt do **** for us.

    • What has Trump done for the people of the caribbean? Are you for real? It’s thinking like yours which keeps us in perpetual ignorance.
      The more his policies kicks us in the face is the more we want to kick his behind.

    • Thank you Mr. Trump for what ?? To be this ignorant in the year 2019 should not only be declared a crime but a sin. May I suggest you Google (you do know how to do that don’t you) Barack Obama Caribbean initiatives read and educate and enlightened yourself. They say Lucians not stupid anymore but you have certainly difide those odds.

    • So you rather someone who is ef-ing you up than someone doing nothing for you? You are a special kind of stupid! Send me your info so I can exploit you…


  2. The usual Trump derangement Syndrome garbage from a leftist progressive liberal nonentity.
    Trump has done more for our black people in 2 years than Obama did in 8. All the facts are there for those willing to think instead of living on the Liberal racist plantation where our black people are expected to ‘know there place’ as mendicants to white liberals.
    More wages more employment is what Trump has brought to African Americans and the freedom to say things that were banned under the facist Democrats and their media and academic enforcers.
    Go Trump!

    • Lol they mad Anon, thye hate him because massa told them to hate him. They have no mind of their own and are not capable of independent thought, for exacply that fool “smurf” with a smurf sized brain accuses Trump of being a racist, then proceeds to call him an orange orangutan. I swear, these Obama worshipers dont have the slightest clue.

    • In the year 2019, there is still considerable ignorance among some Black people. There are tools at our fingertips to make us smarter. Instead, we choose to listen to talking heads and third party sources. ..or don’t read at all. First one has to wonder, why on Earth would a Black person support a White Nationalist government? Does this spring from self-hate? Wasn’t the history of White Nationalist governments scary enough?
      Critical thinking has definitely become a lost art.

    • Normally I don’t entertain unlike minds I just do a Gil Noble and keep it moving but since you insist… And what did he done for you PRAYTELL ?? Just list one item just one ?? Tell us how better your life has been under Donald Punk ?? Even better yet if you can’t speak for your self WHICH YOU CAN’T let me make it easier for you speak on the behalf of St Lucia. How is Saint Lucia better off under Donald Punk compared to the Obama years ? There run with it go………………………………………………………………………………….

  3. Mr. Prudent, i don’t always agree with your articles, but for this once, i must put my hands together for you! tell me, since you say that you and your wife has joined the SLP; will you be the writer for them? Because you have never stop writing!

  4. Very well said, Trump probably didnt even review this press release to be honest. He is too busy separating babies with their mothers

  5. Well, if the political leaders on both sides of the debate in St. Lucia work to create an environment for growth and prosperity for St. Lucians, the need to be illegal in a foreign country will become less of a necessity! Start creating real opportunities for the people and stop using opportunities like this to further ones political aspirations!

    • He did that very easily on a small party ticket. Check your results if you happen to still be voting in your country. Not to many people can boast and say they run independent in st lucia and get pass the amount of votes he got.
      Big Mr Prudent

  6. garson prudent the man don’t need politics to survive the man didn’t get his money through politics. but you trying hard to get a break through politics you don’t even know where u stand

  7. Caribbean heritage month has been going for the past couple years. Long before Trump so where is that fake news coming from?

    Steve Sealy

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