Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Saint Lucia Praised For Being ‘Fearless’ In Supporting Taiwan

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On Thursday, Taiwan Legislative Speaker You Si-kun praised Saint Lucia for its long-term support of his country during a meeting with the newly appointed Saint Lucia Ambassador to Taiwan, Dr. Robert Lewis.

According to Taiwan news media, the Legislative Speaker expressed gratitude for Saint Lucia’s ‘fearless’ support in the face of China.

China views Taiwan as part of its territory.

And amid rising tensions between the two, Beijing has vowed to eventually “unify” Taiwan with the mainland, using force if necessary.

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At the same time, Beijing China has faced accusations of aggressively courting Taiwan’s diplomatic allies to switch allegiance.

Saint Lucia, which had diplomatic relations with Taiwan for over a decade, switched to China in 1997.

But in 2007, Taipei announced a resumption of formal relations with Castries.

Taiwan’s Legislative Speaker you Si-kun told Ambassador Lewis that he was moved when Saint Lucia Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre spoke up for Taiwan at the UN General Assembly last September.

According to Taiwan News Mr. You pointed out that China’s political system ignores universal values ​​such as freedom and democracy.

And the online publication quoted him saying that in recent years, China has extended its reach into the Caribbean Sea and the South Pacific.

As a result, the Taiwan official said it requires the whole world’s collective efforts to stop the expansion of China’s power and keep it from threatening peace.

Headline photo: Ambassador Robert Lewis and Taiwan Legislative Speaker You Si-kun (CNA image)

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Editorial Staff
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  1. This season called news is only for Lucia media it goes no further the people of Taiwan ain know jack shit and you t never get publish there smh. Taiwan is funding this country ATM the gov is still thinking of what to do

  2. @If you say so. Hmmmm you need to speak to the people of Taiwan before you make that statement. What is China’s (PRC’s) Agenda is not necessarily that of Taiwan, nor is it the people of Hong Kong but that didn’t stop China… China has “invested” globally; South East Asia, Africa, and trying very hard in the Pacific Islands, and has already succeeded in some Caribbean Islands. You are worried about US power and influence, and perhaps to an extent rightly so, but I’m pretty sure I know which is the lesser of the “two evils”…

  3. People and nation
    Find your place in the society, among the twelve tribus of Jérusalem/Israël Jacob.
    The time is at hand,all this is happening, because we have forsaken the covenant 🌈 of God.
    Let us trust in the LORD and rely on his word. Who is among to fear the LORD and his commands ?
    Seek God and lives !
    The LORD lives ! Praise be to God,the Rock of Ages.
    The devil 🐍 and his angels has been judge ⚖️ for destruction of hell fire 🔥.
    Salvation means SAVED !

  4. Okay PJP, nice to see you pushing the US narrative. Taiwan has always been part of China, they’re not independent. It’s the Republic of China on Taiwan. It’s in their name and constitution. The US is in the other side of the world, but is engaged in trying to start a war with China through Taiwan. They’re doing the same thing in Thailand, meddling in the country’s affairs, with the goal of overthrowing the democratically elected government. Just look at the mess Ukraine is in right now


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