Saint Lucia Prepares For Full Airport Operations Amidst COVID-19

Press Release:-  The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Ministry of Tourism held a Simulation Exercise at the Hewanorra International Airport (HIA) on Tuesday 7th July 2020.

The objective of this exercise was to test the readiness and efficiency of the airport and its operations in meeting the prescribed protocols of the Government of Saint Lucia and the international aviation regulatory bodies to mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19, with the return of international flights to the island.

The Department of Health and Wellness was an integral partner in providing the guidelines and personnel, as well as, oversight for the overall framework for the re-opening of the airport.

This is in keeping with the Emergency Powers Act (Disaster) Covid-19 Statutory Instrument, No. 42 of 2020 for purposes of preventing, controlling and suppressing the spread of COVID-19.

Additionally, it seeks to provide all operators within the airport community that level of comfort knowing that the Ministry sees health and safety as paramount to their wellbeing and that of visitors or returning nationals to Saint Lucia.

This exercise simulated the departure process from the curb to boarding and arrivals – which involve deplaning, screening at the port health facility, the immigration and customs processes and ground transportation.

In attendance were representatives from a cross section of the industry, among them included Chief Environmental Officer, Mr. Parker Ragunan, Chief Executive Officer of the Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association, Mr. Noorani Azeez, Officials from the Ministry of Tourism and the Saint Lucia Tourism Association, Office of the Prime Minister, the airport community and senior management of SLASPA.

SLASPA remains committed in ensuring the safety of its employees, stakeholders, customers and all of Saint Lucia by extension and will continue to work with the relevant authorities in a joint quest at mitigating possible risks of this virus.


  1. Three Ventilators Donated .Supposing theres an outbreak of the Coronavirus our Medical Facilities in St.Lucia cannot Manage at all

  2. Of course St Lucia opening up
    That’s why they lifted curfew
    Keep your people suppressed … then when it suits government lift curfew … it’s just disgusting! This is going to backfire on St Lucia big time! And will serve you right!
    All this state of emergency nonsense!!! But letting the yanks in from Miami!!!? My god! So let’s drop the face mask thing and make that a personal choice! Cause sure as hell this is going to be a bad decision! Hope the locals stay safe … and especially those working hospitality … those folks from USA need to realise they ain’t in USA …. and need to abide by our Rules whilst here …. or get the hell off our island

  3. Prayers for my country St Lucia Prayers for the PM and team for making decisions… sometimes it’s not an easy but god in control… I never see If you leaving in a country and your say you love your country you want bad things to happen to that country .. just because you don’t like the pm that is what St Lucia becomes too? Prayers for St Lucia 🙏🇱🇨

  4. Prayer aint stopping COVID 19,we can hold it by staying at home,thats for us The tourists well we keep them behind the fence.Our local hotel workers I hope somebody is thinking about them

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