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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am
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Updated on July 5, 2020 11:46 am

Saint Lucia Prepares For Reopening Of Borders

Press Release:-  As May 28, 2020, the World Health Organization has recorded a total of 5, 593, 631 cases and 353, 334 deaths. Within the region of the Americas a total of 2, 556, 479 cases have been documented.

On Friday, May 29 a total of 47 COVID-19 test results were received with all the results in this batch being negative.

This is now 26 consecutive days that Saint Lucia continues to record no newly confirmed cases of the virus. This week the testing strategy has been modified to target frontline workers given the elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19. Thus far, all of these individuals have tested negative.

The Director of the Pan-American Health Organization, Dr. Clarissa Etienne, this week indicated that the need for the COVID-19 response in the Americas must have a dedicated focus on addressing chronic disease given the burden of chronic illnesses.

Dr. Etienne notes the urgency of maintaining actions to protect the health of people living with diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases from the new coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health reminds every individual who has been diagnosed with a chronic condition to proactively manage their health.

Do ensure that medications are taken as prescribed and there is an adequate supply to avoid missing a dosage.

It is important to actively monitor your condition at home as well to access care services from your health care provider whether public or private.

By maintaining this level of vigilance persons with chronic conditions are better placed to manage possible COVID-19 infection.

In the coming week Saint Lucia will reopen its national borders to nationals and visitors. In anticipation of this, a range of protocols have been put in place at the hotel and tourism sector to mitigate any potential risk of transmission of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health requests that all individuals adhere to infection prevention and control guidelines including practice the recommended 6 foot physical distance and wearing a face mask while in public.

For face masks to be effective in reducing infection, they must be used properly. We ask everyone to not only use masks, but use masks properly:

– Ensure the mask is clean before using

– Wash hands with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer before putting on the mask

– The mask should be held by the ties or the loops only.

– The coverings should be fit snugly but comfortably and allow for breathing without restriction.

– They should be washed before their next use.

We encourage anyone who may be feeling symptomatic to seek care early as this can prevent the worsening of conditions or possible complications.

Services delivered through all respiratory clinics island-wide are free to the public.

If further information is required on this service, the public may also call the 311 hotline.

The Ministry of Health will continue to provide regular updates to the public.


  1. 90 will be labourers receiving minimum wage while the gov’t politicans and contractor pocket the over priced direct awarded contract.
    Election funds

  2. St.Lucia have the Most Cover up in the world .The Health Care Shitstem is Minus Zero .We will see in days to come

  3. You bring them into Sandals and they stay there locked inside the hotel premises.Is this the holiday they come for? We fine with this,but how you going to pull this through with them,and our workers will they be safe from contamination

  4. Don’t worry,
    It’s not as if there will be a steady stream of planes arriving. It will be sporadic at best. Not many countries flying international as yet. When they finally do it’ll probably be
    Jan. Feb. 2021.

  5. St Lucia is among the list of 40 countries deemed as the most essential travel destinations that must be opened as part of an air bridge by some. So corona will come to our shores. Encourage these people at the hotels to consume OUR LOCAL HERBAL TEAS. start them on the basics; lemon, ginger and honey, ALL LOCAL. Very strong concoction. i dont want these people spreading corona here. they must have it first thing in the morning. so these hotels better start sourcing these things from our farmers.

  6. Lucian’s educate tour self on what system means? Not everything is red n yellow. There is green n black too. The shadow government is running the country regardless of color. I am against wearing face masks if u are a healthy person..U can get sick from inhaling your own carbon dioxide. The health protocols is a joke just like butch Stewart is a demon. All the pm has to do is let them sit in the hotel enjoying the faces of each other as a view n sight seeing tour. If we don’t like something,let’s protest but if it ain’t bothering u just keep writing in the comment section..There is so much fear on this island it is sickening.

    Some one mentioned people dying Victoria,well get your proof n send it to jukbois or just send it viral. It’s the age of Aquarius…The age of technology at its best. Lucians are like cereal,only crunchy when fresh. There is nothing hidden that u can’t see when the time is right. There are no cases on the island as of late, well keep it that way. The flu is what it is no wonder they can not tell us what they giving to the cases they claim say they had before. Be vigilant and mindful n stop being so political. Everything u see with your naked eyes is an illusion..Only real eyes realize real lies. Remember lucians wearing a mask is not part of an outfit..It’s dangerous to your health. Only the sick should wear one or just stay home. Oxygen is life, carbon dioxide is death. There is nothing in the air excepting fear so breathe freely n live or mask down n die slowly.

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