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Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 9:23 pm

Saint Lucia Prime Minister Encouraged By Progress Made

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has said that he is encouraged by the progress made so far by the country.

“Looking ahead I am encouraged by the progress we have made on this journey in Saint Lucia and enthusiastic about what lays ahead for the development of our beautiful island,” he said in a New Year’s message posted on his official Facebook page.

“Every year at this time we look back from whence we came, examining our successes and challenges, and then charting a course into the days and months ahead,” Chastanet observed.

“We all make our New Year’s resolutions intending to build on the lessons of the past and becoming better persons as we progress,” he said.

The PM noted that many people rang-in this New Year of 2019 at church or in the company of friends and family, intending to start this New Year on a positive note.

However, he asserted that amid “all the fireworks, cheers, hugs, and tears of joy our hopes for the future can only be successful if we continue to forge ahead in the same spirit of friendship and love.”

He expressed the view that over the past year the foundation was laid for much of what is to come.

“From the north to the south, east to west, Saint Lucia will see the commencement of much needed development, and will also see advances in healthcare, tourism, agriculture, and infrastructure the likes of which have not been seen for a very long time,” Chastanet declared.

He encouraged all Saint Lucians to join him in tackling 2019 with renewed vigor and vitality, making  this island the true Helen of the West.



  1. I was looking for crime fighting strategies, a review of the justice and health system which to me needs urgent attention.
    A cabinet rescuffle, because clearly Ms Mary Isaac and Mr Hermangild Francis seem to be on a different page with Saint Lucians
    Kudos to you and your Government fir the progree that you boast about PM, however I am not impressed.

  2. To my PM, i would like to remind you, that crime fighting, better health care, éducation etc. all this contrebutes to development; have you done anything in those sectors? well as for me, there is no development where our health, safety and éducation is concern, just to mane a few. End of comment!

  3. Im still waiting for a four lane highway,from Castries to Gross Islet.Perhaps your friend Butch wont let you have a few feet in front of his Sandals so St Lucia can build the highway.Mister PM do you realize what nonsence you are selling us? All the other things we are waiting for,would fill a whole news papper edition if you had the balls,put all your projects to a public referendum,before attempting to start something that dosent have any sence.You are surrounded by some idiots,and yes men that dont,have an inch of brains,they are just there,cashing in on their salaries,and bribing contractors and forcing the honest to do the same mal practice.Still we need a lot more,I would love this goverment to be better,that is why I chastize you.Think big,all your proyects need to be built for a life span of 50 years,dont give out bread for today and leave hunger for tomorrow.

  4. “the likes of which St Lucia has not seen in a long time” Our not so bright PM has stolen this phrase from none other than Donaldo Trumpo. Bunch of useless politicians.

  5. Not a word on crime which is causing so much havoc in the country. Trying to reduce the high level of criminal activity should be the first, second and third priorities. Stripping do-nothing, inept Hermanguilt Francis of his present portfolios will be a good start. Having Hermanguilt over National Security is like taking a man off the street and put him in a hospital to perform brain surgery. Mr. PM, your address does nothing to inspire confidence, just like your promises about crime during the last election campaign, hollow and empty. Your Cabinet Ministers are all spineless, yes people, mortally afraid to confront you for fear of losing their high paying positions for doing absolutely nothing. Your administration is undoubtedly a one term government.

  6. I hope whatever progress you are referring to is in line with all the borrowing done by your administration. I just haven’t seen concrete evidence of the progress you refer to. This guy and family are fully vested in the tourism industry, so he is putting all the meager resources the country has in this area. This is called stacking the deck in ones favor. There should be laws against this…

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