Saint Lucia Prime Minister Issues Saharan Dust Caution

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has called on Saint Lucians with respiratory symptoms, asthma and allergy issues to be mindful of the higher concentration of dust in the atmosphere as a result of the Saharan dust situation.

“You may have noticed a difference in the sky as the much talked about Saharan dust plume makes its 5,000-mile trek across the Atlantic,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page on Monday.

He quoted the Met Office here as indicating that the Saharan Air Layer (SAL), will continue to affect this region for the next couple of days, causing low visibility and poor air quality.

“Let’s keep practicing keeping our spaces and surfaces clean, your car, household appliances as leaving the dust to gather only increases the risk of health related challenges,” Chastanet observed.

“Although this Saharan air layer generally hampers tropical cyclone development, we are still in the hurricane season and must continue to be prepared,” he said.

The Facebook message was accompanied by a post of the air quality index across the Eastern Caribbean.

Health officials say that Saharan dust can cause skin and eye irritation.

They also say it can bring increased risk of water borne illnesses.



  1. No regards to our fishermen when they are the most impacted by the dust . this is why navigation tool are very important . yet still government don’t help fishermen to gain easy assess to GPS and COMPASSES… Hand held radios . but it’s ok . we have been dealing with this all our fishing lives . you only mentioned because it’s affecting you . at times fishermen experience this dust far out …not everytime it comes to shore .

  2. Well Coco D. The equipment you mentioned are tools required to do your trade, you can expect government to give you it. So as an electrician must government provide me testing equipment. No I get it ,to successfully carry out my trade. But anyways be safe and your trade is admired.

  3. Well JJ, you can’t expect an investor to come to your country to invest with no capital and your Government then gives or loans that investor capital to invest!

    And that’s precisely what’s happening so why can’t the fishermen get assistance from the Gov????!

    They seem to be assisting all sorts of foreigners with our money.

    Capitol in my analogy is that tool you were referring to, ponder on that for a bit. Coco D’s comment is extremely valid especially when we see what and whom our money is going too.

  4. some people just dere waiting on what the PM say to complain if you can do it better give him your ideas,nobody is perfect ,both side making bad ass decisions so just wait for elections an vote him out stop bitching about everything the man say we all need help

    • You didn’t keep that kinda energy when Kenny was PM did you? Everything bad that occured in the country was kenny fault, the current pm is just experiencing what the last pm experienced nothing more nothing less

  5. JJyou full of **** . the government promised to help fishermen build FADS and obtain fishing equipment up till now nothing . also we were suppose to receive a tax break on fishing equipment up till now …but it’s ok for hotels to get tax breaks right because it’s the tourism industry . you agree the tourist is more important than me right ? JJ go hide your face …

  6. With more modern and improved science today we are alerted to this phenomena with greater
    accuracy than before, but it is not new, as fishermen will tell you. About ten years ago, a friend
    of mine from Haiti and I were discussing this same problem; he is a University Professor of sorts
    and I respected him on many counts, but not when he believes in Voodoo & mixes Catholicism
    with his Voodoo, saying that these winds are Spirits of angry African ancestors being visited on
    us. but ofcourse to say it as he often said it – dis is a lot of boool sheeeet. but we are still friends.
    The world in upheaval, and sadly we haven’t seen anything yet. A GENIE POPPED OUT OF A
    named it Covid – 19. evil by any other name is evil – but WHY? (our faith is being tested & tried)
    Blessed is he who is tried and found faithful to the end; for many tribulations will you suffer to the
    end but look up, your redemption is near. The king of this earth will buffet you, but overcome him
    with prayer and worship to the Almighty through the Son Jesus, by his shed Blood, shed for us.
    Only by His Blood and the Holy Spirit that dwells in you. Place your faith in God, not in Politics.

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