Friday, September 30, 2022

Saint Lucia Prime Minister Makes Light Of Controversy Over Royal Gift

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On Thursday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre laughed off a controversy that exploded in the international media over Friday’s presentation of a signed photograph of the Earl and Countess of Wessex, given to him when the couple paid a courtesy visit.

Critics lambasted the couple over the gift, calling it ‘tone deaf’ and ‘insulting’.

And online publications carried photos of Pierre receiving the gift while calling attention to his facial expression.

Questioned about the affair, the Saint Lucia Prime Minister burst into laughter.

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“I was very happy to be made an international celebrity. I didn’t know anything was wrong with my face. I think I just accepted the gift. But I am very happy that the world press thought it was fitting to make me a celebrity. I thank them for that,” the Castries East MP declared.

“There was no reaction, People read into my reaction. I received the gift and that’s it,” Pierre told reporters.

He said he was very amused because his friends overseas called him to declare that he had become an international celebrity because he accepted a gift from the Earl and his face was not the way it was ‘supposed to be’.

According to Pierre, the Royal couple enjoyed their visit to Saint Lucia and were treated to the best of Saint Lucian hospitality.

The visitors, who arrived here on Friday and travelled to  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua and Barbuda, were meeting school children here on Thursday.

“I think we have to be hospitable to our guests,” Pierre asserted.

And regarding a protest Wednesday against the visit, the Prime Minister observed that Saint Lucia is a democratic country.

“It’s people’s democratic right to protest. We are a government that believes in democracy and the rule of law and the right to protest once it is done peacefully,” he told reporters.

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  1. Gifts and More
    Meaningless or Meaningful !
    Some gifts last longer, while others consider at no value (cost)
    Gifts can be a trap for Death.
    Everyone has a difgerent gift, while others dont deserved the same gift.
    Some gifts are more valuable than others.
    In reality,a newly wed bribe reçeived a doll just a simple doll for a gift and a male aids virus carrier gave a woman a small toy coffin for a gift.

  2. Make a joke out of Pip. All of you are the colour that they do not want in their palaces, or wherever they live. In addition, they have a paid media to make them look good and promote their agenda. This isn’t just about PJP. It is about their arrogance and low regard for black people- especially those from the ‘colonies’. And many of you are cheering them on. Smh.

  3. A signed photo of themselves? Who the hell do they think they are? And what is it to the international press if he did not smile to receive a photo? Black man must smile to get a picture of massa? Did they make any donations to schools or to any charities while they were on island? This is the same media who harassed Meghan Markle and made her fly back to the US. Did you watch the Oprah interview where Harry and Meghan said the royals were concerned about the coloration of their first baby since she is actually a black woman? They can all kiss my black a@#.

  4. This is how you deal with white folks making an ass of you against the way you deal with your local black people like you. You are so upset that St Lucians made a joke out of your pronouncement to eat and use more bananas. You can’t stop talking about how you were ridiculed by St Lucians. Yet the white press made a mockery of you and your facial expression at receiving a gift and you claim that they made you a celebrity. What a fool you are to think so. I guess when Lucians make a joke they are malicious but when white people ridicule you they make you a celebrity. True thinking of a little black boy that you proclaim to be.

  5. The masa made you an internationally celebrity and you admitted you were proud. Only a Masa did that in all your years on earth. Your hypocrisy is showing. You bow down to your masters and they gave you a portrait of themselves so you could continue to admire and worship them.

  6. The government should have held the ceremony in Augier and Belle Vue Vfort so at least the roads would have been resurfaced and these communities would have “gained” something from the royals’ visit.

  7. You are receiving a gift and cameras are on you that would make international news and your face so hard. When people are not accustom to cameras and spotlight and lived in Marchand hole for so long that is what will be displayed to the press. They want the job but only realize what it takes when they get it.

  8. SMFH recently you were protesting against racism and colonialism saying it’s a scourge…now you talking about being hospitable towards them using tax payers money to fund their visit…paving roads where you know they will be passing what else did you do PJP…these are the same (white people) you were standing in solidarity with the BLM movement against what happened you get weak in the knees…celebrity my foot.

  9. big royals like you that you giving someone as a gift chewps cheap english people and people expecting reparations from these people?

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