Saint Lucia Prime Minister Pays Tribute To Late Sidney Poitier

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has paid tribute to the late Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier, who died at 94.

On his official Facebook page, Pierre observed that despite the many odds stacked against him, Poitier defied racial barriers and personal circumstances to become an acclaimed, history-making black actor.

The PM observed that the Poitier leaves behind a body of work on and off camera, inspiring many generations.

“May his life remind us that our own struggles are not insurmountable, if only we are willing to do the work,” Pierre asserted.

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According to CNN, Poitier overcame an impoverished background in the Bahamas and softened his thick island accent to rise to the top of his profession when prominent roles for Black actors were rare.

He won the Oscar for 1963’s “Lilies of the Field,” playing an itinerant laborer who helps a group of White nuns build a chapel.

Poitier’s best-known films include “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” “To Sir, With Love,” and In the Heat of the Night.”

In addition to acting, he was also a film director, activist, and ambassador.

Headline photo: Sidney Poitier with Lilia Skala in 1963’s “Lilies of the Field.” The role earned him an Oscar.

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  1. Paying tribute to famous black people Philip. Philip J Pierre is insecure about his black complexion and recognizing famous black people will not accomplish anything and get us anywhere Philip. Does Sidney Poitier family knows you or Saint Lucia Philp? Has he come to Saint Lucia? Was he part of a movie here? Did he donate to charity here? This racist mentality Philip has is not good for Saint Lucia. Did you pay tribute to Betty White Philip? She was an actor too and was more famous to this living generation than Sidney Poitier. Oh I forgot she is white, so she doesn’t count.

  2. That’s all that PM doing leaving condolences or paying tribute to people thats not from here. When it comes to things in St.Lucia his moomoo tablets on lock. PM check on whats happening here.

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