Saint Lucia Prime Minister Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Press Release: As part of the protocols established by the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre underwent a routine PCR test. On Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, Hon. Pierre received a positive PCR test result. As per public health protocols, he is presently isolated and will continue working from home. The Prime Minister is doing well and exhibits no symptoms at this time. Prime Minister Pierre’s full recovery is anticipated within the next few days.

The Hon. Prime Minister has always prioritised the health and safety of himself and others. He continues to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, and increased fluid intake. He has led by example and is fully vaccinated, and has received his booster shot as recommended by the Ministry of Health. The Hon. Prime Minister takes this opportunity to encourage citizens to get fully vaccinated, get boosted, and adhere to the COVID-19 protocols.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Follow the Science, wear masks, vaccinate and booster and yet still PJP got it, but he and his clowns will preach these protocols to me. The man eh even following Musahh Protocols or his won Protocols apparently.

  2. Pip happy to know you didn’t follow your own science.who else has it and since when did you have it. Why were you at the sitting and you knew you had it from then.
    Why were you not being responsible?
    Keep trusting the science, play with god!!

  3. So what about contact tracing people pjp been around for the past two weeks the minister’s in the last house sitting did they get tested…is it the omicron virus since he said it’s a huge one I’m guessing there’s a huge amount of people who contracted the virus from the prime minister.

  4. Oh Most Honorable I hope for a speedy recovery…..just goes to show NO ONE IS EXEMPT so many world leader’s caught Covid even Dutty Trump, Boris Johnson, Canada PM and the rest of those clowns. Some of these fools all over you, when many of them might have it themselves as we speak .

  5. If the protocols are there to prevent spead of covid..does that mean our pm was not following the protocols..
    Asking for myself.

  6. I hope for goodness sake that is not a publicity stunt. Cause why would one go to test if they do not exhibit any symptoms. According to his press secretary he is fine but she didn’t say if he was part of contact tracing or whether he went because he was not feeling well. Questions, Questions, Questions??????

  7. i honestly believe that it is someone maybe in the pm office that was sick and everyone had to be tested cause either that why would the pm have to just randomly test if he is showing no symptoms cause other wise how would you know to get tested for covid if you are asymptomatic

  8. when covid was just around the corner alot of you used to say there is no covid and chastanet just want to control people yall even had march talking about you cant breath and remove your foot on my neck

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