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Saint Lucia Promises To Stand By Taiwan As President Tsai Begins 2nd Term

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has congratulated Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen who took the oath for her second four-year term on Wednesday.

He asserted that the people and government of Saint Lucia will stand by Taiwan in the pursuit of its rightful place in the international community.

“On behalf of the government and the people of Saint Lucia, I want to reiterate our sincere congratulations to President Tsai on her new term of office and the democratic achievements of Taiwan,” Chastanet said Wednesday.

In a video recording posted on his official Facebook page, the Saint Lucia leader observed that this country and Taiwan have enjoyed long-standing and mutually beneficial diplomatic relations.

He noted that over the past few years the two countries have achieved ‘remarkable cooperation’ in many fields, including human capacity building, agriculture, education and technology.

“The achievements of our cooperation benefit people all over Saint Lucia and bring our two countries closer than ever,” Chastanet declared.

He recalled that recently, Taiwan donated a significant amount of medical supplies to Saint Lucia for the containment of COVID-19.

Chastanet explained that although the global challenge of combatting the pandemic has not come to an end “I believe with the help of Taiwan we shall overcome the test together.”

“Let me again offer my congratulations as President Tsai embarks on a journey to lead Taiwan into another four years of peace and prosperity,” the Saint Lucia PM stated.

President Tsai Ing-wen took the oath for her second four-year term on a wave of popularity as her country successfully responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The inauguration ceremony was scaled down with a limited number of participants practicing social distancing.

According to the BBC, Ms Tsai secured just over 57% of the ballot – a record 8.2m votes – well ahead of her rival Han Kuo-yu.

Ms Tsai opposed closer ties with China, with Mr Han suggesting they would bring economic benefits.


  1. yes these are the ppl u will stand by pm… u feed this nation with lies……lets see how much term u will get

  2. Congratulations to President Tsia Ing Wen for getting a second term as the president of Taiwan. Taiwan has done great things for st.lucia and we are greatly appreciative of that.

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