Saint Lucia Proposes FBI Type Organisation Within CARICOM

Saint Lucia has proposed the creation of an organisation resembling the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

The proposal came from Prime Minister Allen Chastanet during a CARICOM virtual security conference.

The FBI is an intelligence-driven and threat-focused national security organization with both intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities. It is the principal investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Justice, according to the agency’s official website.

“I t think we should have like, and sorry I am using my American comparison, whether it’s an M (I)5 or an FBI operation for CARICOM that’s a standing police force,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister told the CARICOM security conference.

MI5, is the United Kingdom’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency.

Chastanet spoke of the ability of the best officers from around the region being able to work in a similar type CARICOM entity.

“The entity being able to come in and help strengthen,” Chastanet stated.

He expressed the view that such a force could help monitor the region since crime is no longer domestic.

“The economic challenges, the social challenges we are going to have in my humble opinion really require us to step up our game,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister told the security conference.

He recalled what he described as a very interesting discussion with the cruise industry this week.

According to the former Tourism Minister, the cruise itinerary will literally have to become one destination, or in essence – a bubble.

He explained that whatever the port of call, each country needs to sign off on protocols and be satisfied that disembarking passengers are safe whether heading to Saint Lucia, Dominica or Barbados.

“We are moving into an even more integrated e-platform to get persons to register, send their electronic certificates and also monitoring where they are going,” Chastanet asserted.

He said the authorities will be able track where passengers have been.

“This is going to help significantly with the policing in the region,” Chastanet observed.

“This is a hole in the region that existed that we can hopefully close,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister told the security conference.



  1. This idiot PM in St. Lucia is clueless about the FBI’s real history; making statements that are based on his watching a few episodes of the F.B.I. TV show in the 70s!

    Has that puny mind ever heard of COINTELPRO? That’s what the TV show was all about – an intentional distraction from the FBI’s illegal operations against blacks in the US.

  2. This man is a snake oil con man. He comes out with the most brilliant ideas that even an eskimo would end up buying ice. The biggest fraud. He wants to sound bright but empty headed.

  3. Truely deranged to track someone going on a vacation yet we invite the real criminals to our shores with just a drivers liscence required. This is truly from the Kindom of Darkness. We have no love for our fellowmen, paricularily the Poor, the Needy, the Widow nor the Fatherless. We rob, cheat and steal from them, grind their faces into walls, defame their charater, persecute, afflict, wound them, yet the Great God of Heaven is Faithful in ALL his ways. Remember Vengence is his…..

  4. That’s the last this the Carribean needs a bunch of fools with to much authority and resources to do as they plz. The police doing so little………..

  5. You’re been a trump supporter from day 1 . problem is you don’t know st.lucia and it’s culture . what is the importance of such organization? You simply saying you do not trust your own police force ….

  6. The guy wants to appear smart. It’s like having live sardined in a boat flapping around hoping against hope that sooner or later one might be lucky enough to jump out of boat into water. I guess if you keep throwing stuff at a wall, something will stick sooner or later and you might get credit for it.

  7. These comments are so idiotic it ain’t a joke. What’s wrong with having such an intelligence agency like what he mentioned based for the region. The criminals already have their intelligence networks set out throughout the Caribbean for years now so why don’t the law enforcement agencies in all the island come up to the times and unite to fight crime? Is it so far fetched? Don’t worry hide your heads under the sand and see if our crime problems will ever go away.

    • Jack, its because there are more important issues to resolve, health care (hospital completion) and education, to name a couple.

      At this point in time it is a ridiculous pie in sky foolish idea, which our PM is full of.

  8. Another follower and little leadership proposal. That’s the whole idea behind COVID. Population control and keeping tabs on all. No more privacy. Already we can share information on criminal elements across boarders..
    Why don’t the PM create the defence force he proposed in his early days? Get our health care on the road likewise our education system. Be a leader and not a follower.

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