Saint Lucia Public Servants To Get Salary Hikes By End Of April 2022

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Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Philip J. Pierre has announced that his government will honor the former administration’s promise and pay salary hikes to public servants by the end of April.

The announcement came Tuesday as Pierre delivered the budget statement on revenue and expenditure for 2022-2023.

Regarding the salary hike agreement under the previous Allen Chastanet administration, trade union sources recalled a one percent increase from April 2020 due in April 2022 to officers in Grades 1 to 18.

The agreement stated that the associated retroactive payment would be paid as a lump sum by December 2022.

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In addition, there’s a further two percent from April 2021 due in March 2023.

“The civil servants will get their increase and further Mr. Speaker the civil servants will get part of their backpay in December 2022, the first tranche in December this year, and the second tranche will be in March 2023,” the Castries East MP told parliament.

Pierre proposed spending $1.842 billion – the largest budget in Saint Lucia’s history, with $1.349 billion for Recurrent Expenditure, $382.6 million for Capital Expenditure, and $110.5 million on Principal Payments.

He said the government expects $1.327 billion in revenue and grants, total tax revenue of $1.016 billion, non-tax revenue of $133 million, and capital revenue of $10.7 million.

Pierre acknowledged the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, asserting that they present considerable downside risks.

Nevertheless, he said the estimates aimed to provide a platform for sustained growth, support robust performance in tourism, expand construction in the public and private sector, and encourage prudent, responsible, and transparent fiscal management.

In addition, the PM said the fiscal measure aimed to reduce waste and unnecessary spending and eliminate corruption.

“In essence, Mr. Speaker, the estimates of expenditure will fund projects that put people first,” Pierre declared.

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  1. ⚖️ There is none that doeth good ⚖️
    My heart 💔is broken whithin me
    A strong 🏋️man like a woman in labour pain !
    “Yet have,’deceive and persuaded the nation to trust in their lies and encourage them to listen to their dreams.
    Therefore,their lampstand is about to move from its place,and their paths will becomes slippery , whose reigns will not prosper, who use their power ‘unjust’,or rule anymore like their officials that are alike that those who sleep in the harvest-
    Like poors figs and figures that are spoiled and cannot be eaten ,of scourn and reproach among the nation-

    Empty Promises !
    Whose guilts are so great and too many and feed on lies, a burden for the nation,a wound which has no cure, destroyed by their own (duplicity) complicity whose hearts are deceitful above all things.

  2. It’s a start. But this is just a drop in the bucket if it is intended to cushion the rising cost of living. Almost everything raised by at least two dollars. The forty dollars extra (which is the most many persons will get) will hardly cushion the stress and financial drain of one of the many trips to the supermarket for the month. Not being political. Just watching my bread (and my cents).

  3. Wait a minute. 1% increase. So if you making 1000 a month = 1000 x 0.01 = $10 Accordingly if you are getting 2% and mahing 1000 a month 1000 x 0.02 = $20. Wow look it awa oui? Thats what you vote for.

  4. @eh beh and g.w. you are like people who see crime and come and talk about it and dont inform the police….GO to PJP and tell him that…..cant you see that whats happening globally? this underpay in this country needs to stop…not just for civil servants but for all workers….those who dont deserve it as you think, go REPORT THEM…

  5. An increase for what ??? Sitting on their hands and wasting taxpayers money. At least forty per cent of these individuals need to be sent home.
    Successive governments have failed to streamline the Civil Service and stop this revenue leakage. Imagine an individual appearing in the system on suspension and collecting a salary in excess of four years. Some actually resign and are still able to collect a salary months before it is rectified. Some are still ” working ” from home.

  6. The sad thing with small island developing states is that they do not have the mechanism in place to curb inflation. Prime Minister Pierre has the political will to solve those issues but he lacks the financial muscles. First and foremost, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) always appears to be taking a hands off approach concerning the financial sectors. The banks are operating in a vacuum with absolutely no awareness of the financial constraints facing the nation.

    It is time we abolish those commercial banks and focus on cooperative credit unions. There is absolutely no need to continue supporting banks that do no have ower interest at heart.
    Prime Minister Pierre is in an unenviable position however his political and financial acumen will prevail. The political reaction in St. Lucia is always disproportionate to the actual reality.

  7. for me alone these “Civil Servants” most of them dont need any raise because some of them are always out of the office on people time doing short Runnings, some of the departments are short on staff and the only knowledgeable staff that can help you they replace them with someone that is lazy and dont know their work much. Not to mention their disgusting attitude towards civilians like as if they forget they are “Civil Servants” Some of them act like as if no one is in charge of them they do what they want, yesterday a guy had to get on with those “Civil Servants” at land registry cause they took so long to give him his documents, i never knew that place had a registrar until she came out that day only to see what all the ruckus was about. Alot of these departments need to be revamped there are to much women working in a department thats why no work gets done.

  8. Mr. Prime minister, thank you in advance. You can never do anything for the interest of the people. It’s “damned if you do or damned if you don’t”. Don’t worry, they will never give it back when they get it.

  9. Wrong move! This will certainly hurt us. Any increase in pay will lead to other unwelcomed increases in bus fares and the likes. Also, I don’t understand the logic of borrowing to facilitate a salary hike. The country can’t afford a pay hike at this time!!!!

  10. That increase was signed unto by the previous administration which you had to, yes, YOU HAD TO honor. Now it will be a blow to your “san plan” government’s coffa.

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