Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saint Lucia Recognized as Best Island In the Caribbean

Press Release: Saint Lucia has been recognized as the “Best Island in the Caribbean” by Global Traveler at their Sixth Annual Leisure Lifestyle Awards. Global Traveler is a monthly publication that attracts some 300,000 readers and connects with U.S.-based frequent, affluent, international travellers who have an average net worth of $2 million.

The awards cocktail took place on the rooftop of Sofitel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills. This award marks the destination’s second ‘Best Island in the Caribbean’ honour in the 6-year life of the Global Traveler Leisure Lifestyle Awards, Saint Lucia having won the inaugural award in 2013.

Saint Lucia registered a record-setting year in 2017, with year-to-date numbers for 2018 improving over the same period last year. First quarter figures for 2018 show a 17.8% increase in stay-over arrivals and a 13.5% increase in cruise arrivals over last year’s record.

Remarking on Global Traveler award, Minister for Tourism Hon. Dominic Fedee stated, “This is an award of recognition to the hard work and dedication of every hospitality worker and to every Saint Lucian. It is the Saint Lucian story and its majesty which continues to attract visitors to the destination making it a world-class holiday and business destination for travellers.”

Global Traveler also highlighted Saint Lucia as a ‘dream come true’ port of call for cruise visitors. The award survey was conducted in the Global Traveler magazine through an insert in subscriber copies, as a direct mail questionnaire, online and in emails. Saint Lucia beat out nine other destinations for the top honour, including Aruba, Grand Cayman, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Bahamas, Curaçao, Nevis, Jamaica the British Virgin Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“We believe Saint Lucia is a unique Caribbean destination which offers something to every traveller and this award is in recognition of our destination’s appeal. We will continue to find creative ways to present Saint Lucia in the marketplace as we seek to increase market penetration, awareness and visitor arrivals,” stated the Executive Chairperson of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority Agnes Francis.

Each year, Global Traveler awards the GT Tested Reader Survey awards, the Leisure Lifestyle Awards and the Wines on the Wing awards.


    • Just to make it clear, I am not suffering. What I can’t afford, I do not buy. If I can’t afford to go There, I do not go There.if you are suffering state your need.

    • Tunk you nsay it again 4 the ppl in the back it must be a mess of dem who spend years in foreign ,foreigners n locals with their head up they boda && their car windows up 2 like dat

      lucian facing how much ruction n destruction n corruption and ppl want 2 say tings nice. u joking

      i cah blame either goverment bof have dey fer de lance but awa 4 lucians self… so much fight dong an ppl trying 2 make dey neighbor stumble.
      2 much chirren gettin rape n noffing 4 dat. st.lucia like a pwevit &&the caca overflowing. when i see each 1 help 1 instead of each 1 harm the udda das when i go be impressed and say we the best. best how??bendin ova 4 whiteys aint nuffin new!!

  1. I have visited the Caribbean and Mexico for the last twenty years and I have chosen St-Lucia as my favorite place to travel. Not because of any internal politics but because of the general friendliness of it’s population. On every island in the world there is what is known as an “island mentality” where the locals view visitors as intruders to be kept at a good distance. Well this attitude has seldom been felt by me and obviously by others. Also, I have taken the opportunity to visit not only the tourist areas but also villages in many corners of the island. I plan on doing just that in my next trip to your beautiful country, I have always been warmly greeted by everyone.

    • You’re a white person. The local ‘crabs in a barrel’ poison doesn’t apply to you.

      This list is just a reflection of how eager lucians are to accommodate foreigners. They hate they own people on the same level.

      • True that! There is a ridiculous, totally destructive competition among local that can only have its roots in self hate. Something you well never notice as a white tourist.

  2. I am very disappointed to be reading these negative comments. The lack of maturity is sick. This article reflects what we are privileged with “A beautiful island with lovely people”.

    From my understanding, the St Lucia Times is a global platform with thousands of readers of a daily basis. The slang writing, use of words, negative comments and personal testimonies of a less fortunate lifestyle, does not cut it.

    What I have noticed about my people is the constant rationalization, lack of faith, negative attitude and principles being passed down to their children and younger generation, the urge to always play victim and ignorance.

    We are not a perfect island and we do have a very long way to go BUT down playing your country on a public platform is rediculous.

    I pray that we do get away from the tunnel vision and mindset and find opportunities to break the cycles within our own families, in hope for a better future.


    *****I love my island and my people & I choose to speak life******

  3. if you lucians were behaving yall self the crime rate would be low, so why the heck you people blaming it on the government for your own actions of behavior

  4. you can tell @Kurline J Altes never spend time talking to other Lucians. sorry ma’am. tings aint easy. not all of us can oor want to pretend we okay. cowards like to say ppl playing ‘victim’ cuz they themselves too weak and scared to face truth.
    how old r u? by now you should know nt everyone gets the same opportunities in life.
    unless you out there being the change u say u want to see in st.lucia stop trying to tell ppl how to deal with things u cud never live thru.
    awa ee. ignorance must be nice. all the way from overs.
    so lucians should suffer in silence or drink how much rum to drown the sorrows instead of talking about their situation? seems slavery work on u. aa grin n bare it. no. better they say it out than keep it in and wicked to others.
    and if we not talkin abt it how it getting fix by the way?close mouth dont get fed. martin marcus mandela should hav keep mouth shut according to u.

    st.lucians like yal need to be focusing more on reall ppl n real problems of stlucia than what outside ppl think. we love waving flag but cannot leave best treatment n courtesy only for others. we need to learn to treat all locals of every background good too. otherwise there would always be comments like urs n mine.
    it good for us to make friends with visitors. we should always do that. the award nice kibda nice.but we need to develop to treat our own well too.

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