Saint Lucia Records 107 New COVID-19 Cases

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Today Wednesday May 11, 2022 the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs received confirmation of a total of 107 new cases of COVID-19.

These samples were processed on Tuesday May 10, 2022 from a total of 330 samples of which 309 samples were from the Ezra Long Laboratory and 21 samples from the Laboratory Services and Consultations Limited.

These samples were collected from May 8, 2022 to May 10, 2022. This number of positive cases makes up 32.4% of all the samples processed on that date.

These new cases bring the total number of cases diagnosed in country to date to 23, 978.

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Confirmation was also received of the recovery of 38 individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. The number of active cases in country to date is 461.

Currently, there are eleven positive cases of COVID-19 admitted at the Respiratory Hospital, of which one is severely ill. To date, a total of 53, 691 individuals have been fully vaccinated. Another 5, 320 are partially vaccinated and 7, 312 have received their booster shot.

Vaccination will take place tomorrow Thursday May 12, 2022 at various Wellness Centres as per the published COVID-19 vaccination schedule. Vaccination will be available from 9am to 4pm.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs will continue providing daily updates to the public as new information becomes available.

Source: Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs

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  1. @GW, China tested the city of Shanghai which has 26 million people in March and then locked down the whole city, people were not allowed out of their homes for a few weeks. This is what they do every time they find some cases in an area. Up until recently China reported very low numbers of Covid19 cases compared to the rest of the world. For a country of 1.4 billion people, you want me to believe they have only recorded 220,958 cases of Covid19.

  2. @GW, you made a claim that north korea has not had any covid cases up until today. All I said was that these countries are not as transparent with the rest of the world as other countries so how do you know this is fact.

  3. @ Just saying, the point you are missing is the loss in productivity.
    The banks are short staff , classrooms have less students ,some classes have no teachers, some offices are closed.

  4. @GW, sometimes I wonder if you deliberately post nonsense on here or you just not too bright. North Korea a country which barely interacts with the outside world, outside of criminal activities, spends all its money on developing nuclear missiles instead of feeding it people and you expect them to share accurate information with the world. You also have China a country of 1.4 billion people still locking down its people in their homes saying they barely have cases, please. Please think before you comment.

    • you are the one that has to think before you comment, both of these instances are on the news regardless of how china or north korea try to hide it I dont just come up with what i think is going on with my own conclusion unlike you. If you look through the correct and credible sources you will get to know everything.

      North Korea barely interacts with the outside world do you know why and i dont blame them because they consider the outside world as corrupt and a danger to their own culture which is why they will never like our western culture.

      also How can china say they barely have cases when they are getting 40 cases a day? the W.H.O director is telling china that their lock downs are unnecessary because W.H.O has never supported lockdowns. Apparently the Countries on that side of the world take this covid thing more seriously than us in the west and are more disciplined than us. As we speak people in china are being forced from their homes after being tested positive for covid, others having their doors kicked in and broken down if they refuse to go to quarantine.

      That is not in Saint Lucia when they tell you to stay at your bloody home you want to be out on the streets saying police cah do you nothing are you mad? try that over there in any one of these two countries i DARE you.

      Of course these countries will say otherwise and will want to hide what is going on because we from the west always want to dictate how they should live their lives and how they should run their country which is exactly what the W.H.O director is doing so they would never want to interact with us the outside world.

  5. Every time I try to follow the science, it leads me to money.

    “ forced NIH to disclose over 22,100 royalty payments totaling nearly $134 million paid to the agency and nearly 1,700 NIH scientists. These payments occurred during the most recently available period (September 2009 – September 2014).”

    Fauci and co making bank on this covid racket.

  6. now i just saw something that shocked me, do you know from the time that covid has had the world going crazy that North Korea has not had one covid case till today may 12 2022? Since 2020 it has closed its borders to almost all trade and tourists

  7. Are we missing the part that JUST ELEVEN (11) people are in hospital? Man you people are simple and easily manipulated.

  8. raeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee who ready for gros islet friday night reloaded again?????

  9. Whoever has problem is being ridiculous and whoever is blaming PJP or Kenson is even more Ridiculous. I personally blame Chas for increase in nos. Next we have a HOuse sitting. Would like Hilaire to make it an issue. Chas to Blame

  10. Lucians needs to learn to live with covid19..get vaccinated wear your mask..the usa has 1.millon deaths from covid19..Lucians love a fete take responsibility for yourself..

    • If you’re a nurse and you coming and say get vaccinated and wear mask, both which have been proven ineffective, it really says everything about the state of our health care.

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