Friday, September 30, 2022

Saint Lucia Records 258 New COVID-19 Cases

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Press Release:–  Today Wednesday January 5, 2022 the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs received confirmation of a total of 258 new cases of COVID-19.

These samples were processed on Tuesday January 4, 2022 at the Ezra Long Laboratory and Laboratory Services and Consultations Limited from a total of 717 samples, which were collected from January 2, 2022 to January 5, 2022.

This number of positive cases makes up 35.98% of all the samples processed on that date.

These new cases bring the total number of cases diagnosed in country to date to 14, 232.

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Confirmation was also received of the recovery of 41 individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.

This brings the number of active cases in country to date to 629. Currently, there are 20 positive cases of COVID-19 admitted at the Respiratory Hospital, of which one of these active cases is in critical care and six of them are severely ill.

To date, a total of 49, 630 individuals have been fully vaccinated. Another 6, 293 are partially vaccinated and 3, 522 have received their booster shot.

Vaccination will take place tomorrow Thursday January 6, 2022 at the Vieux-Fort RC Parish Hall and the Monchy Wellness Centre from 9am to 4 pm.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs will continue providing daily updates to the public as new information becomes available.

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  1. Since it man made and it has becomes a lottery,so play to win and stop digging potatoes in people’s nose and stop focalising on the virus and vaccine !Let’s move on for life to goes on !
    Once again,have you failed to realised that the plot is centralised in China and it is a matter of money making ?

  2. Omg ….. my people being vaccinated does not prevent you from getting COVID . What it does do is generally limit severity & many hospital visits. Our tireless medics deserve praises for services they are able to provide. People can still die vaccinated… but it’s less than those sheeple who refuse to limit spread for idiotic ideas & conspiracies online won’t vaccinate. The world is starting to require these vaccines… so YOU all who spout lack of freedom… you make sure we remain unfree. Choopse 🤬

  3. My fellow st lucians family and friends take care of your health get vaccinated in if you want..stay home as much as you can avoid large groups..Do not wait on the pjp administration to lead and guide you clueless and worse pjp don’t care which pm that will please the people to put a curfew for 1 am..when the people finish get affected you want to protect them sad

  4. Let’s be real about the testing report. You cannot expect a low positivity rate by relaxing restrictions during festive season considering low vaccination rate and the possibilty of highly contagious omicron. We have been fortunate with low hospitalization and deaths.

  5. 26% are visitors and that 26% are the ones that drove up infect infection rate. Bet you it started from visitors to hotel staffs to their households then to the general public.

  6. Not heard anything from the Ministry of Education. Are we sending kids out to school on Monday in the middle of this mess?

  7. Government…police…people are to be blamed..The police are asleep..the government is snoring and the people don’t give a rat’s behind.

  8. Barbados 479… St Kitts 156….. Trinidad 693…. Grenada 256…. St Vincent 48 (no curfew period)….. There is an upward trend because of Omicron worldwide..… All you want a merry Christmas and a happy new year and do not want to pay the price….. PM curfew they A$$ and let them cry like babies….. I bet you the same people talking out of the two sides of there mouths on this topic on this thread enjoyed themselves during the holiday season. Ask for me I enjoyed myself in Florida, North Carolina and Atlanta for the season. All my flights were on time and I use a mask on the plan and in the airport as required after that I was mask free. I must say I am triple vaccinated….

  9. @National: Agree. What about the 23rd December government fete at Cap Estate. That was the only reason they easy on the protocol for the season.

  10. @stadistic: The test were done only yesterday. The question is “Are we doing enough test? Yesterday Grenada had 256 cases from 1125 test. We have 258 cases from only 717 test. That is scary.

  11. 20 of 629 people in hospital. I thought the goalposts had moved from immunity to hospitalisations and overwhelming the health care system. Let’s hope the fear mongering ends soon.

  12. how many ppl go to test in a day???? this is wat i wonder…..i suspect some of these cases have probably recovered by now depending on the period the test was taken

  13. Well what you expect when you have have huge crowds at Falco’s in the valley drinking way past confinement time and that is 300 hundred from the Rich Fond Police Station. This bad practice is repeated other parts of the island and the government afraid to deal with it.

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