Saint Lucia Records 568 New Cases Of COVID-19

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Press Release: Today Thursday January 13, 2022 the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs confirms a total of 568 new cases of COVID-19.

These samples were processed on Wednesday January 12, 2022 at the Ezra Long Laboratory and Laboratory Services and Consultations Limited from a total of 1, 197 samples, which were collected from January 10, 2022 to January 12, 2022.

This number of positive cases makes up 47.45% of all the samples processed on that date. These new cases bring the total number of cases diagnosed in country to date to 16, 505.

Confirmation was also received of the recovery of 70 individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. This brings the number of active cases in country to date to 2, 498. Currently, there are 20 positive cases of COVID-19 admitted at the Respiratory Hospital, of which one of these active cases is in critical care and three of them are severely ill.

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To date, a total of 50, 315 individuals have been fully vaccinated. Another 6, 085 are partially vaccinated and 5, 176 have received their booster shot.

Vaccination will resume tomorrow Friday January 14, 2022 at the Vigie Sports Complex, Gros-Islet HR Centre, Soufriere Hospital, Jacmel Wellness Centre, Inno Care (Vieux-Fort) and St. Anthony’s Medical Centre (Sunny Acres) from 9am to 4pm.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs will continue providing daily updates to the public as new information becomes available.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Although more than ten thousand death has been occured as a result of jabs vaccine and seventeen thousand,seven hundred and forty eight injuries which may rather leads to death caused by Pfizer and one thousand one hundred and sixty seven death.
    So good luck and carry on !!

  2. I look at the current “everything open” Covid-19 policy in St. Lucia, quite positively.

    I think that the medical authorities are in the process of implementing my suggestion of “Omicron tourism” from the UK, in order to get as many St. Lucians infected, in as short a space of time as possible; in order to beat the Covid-19 pandemic, once and for all.

    It cannot be said out loud, because they don’t have the balls (after all, they’re women – counting that ‘beach’ Springer, as well) to speak the truth to us; but more importantly, they can’t let the Fauci gang know what they’re up to (oh $#1t, I just let the cat out of the bag – mea culpa).

  3. Can’t you’ll see or try to come to the understanding the PJP and his subordinates are trying to get very good reasons to establish mandatory vaccination.

    That is their backdoor approach to set the mandatory policy, by getting as many people infected by the type of confinement curfews and opening of face to face schooling, tourist about the place mask less, 35 person per family, etc.

    That way, they will say they had no other choice or option but to go mandatory.

    I also believe, PJP’s government have already increase the VAT through the price hike on every single thing. Simple maths, the higher the price of Goods and other items, the higher the VAT will workout and apply.

    As soon as PJP’s government came into office, in less than a month the price of everything went up. The more expensive the thing is the higher/more VAT will workout to be and applied/collect. All of a sudden the country is out of sugar, pap-p-show. That’s call hiding in plain sight.

    Now!!! To all those who will start labeling me as whatever, you’ll can take the same put in you’ll pipe and smoke it till the smoke comes out of you’ll nostrils, causing you’ll to cough and gasp for air. Just like any strain of COVID will do.


  4. We need more testing sites. CMO u have the data, u know the hot spots, have testing sites closer to home so persons do not have take 3 buses exposing even more persons to this virus. There is too much movement!

  5. Former administration did not have to deal with Delta and the highly contagious Omicron. We should not be holding the administration responsible for the current climb in the positivity rate. St.Lucians have to assume some responsibility. The protocols have been received by practically every St. Lucian. People choose to act contrary to the protocols. The Ministry of Health has been struggling to convince St.Lucians to take the vaccine to reduce hospitalization and death. The increase in the numbers should not result in shutting down the economy and closing schools. It is absolutely necessary for all kids to be in school receiving face- to – face instruction in a healthy and safe environment. Virtual instruction is a disservice to struggling learners. We need to safely coexists with the virus.

  6. PIP, MUSA and REST OF THE SLP CLOWN GOVERNMENT is this what ya’ll were looking for with all those lapses in curfew, protocols and all the other shate that ya’ll enabled the public to do? Ya’ll are the Government so when will ya’ll learn that elections and campaigning is over and just get down to the business of running the country and not try to please everyone. Governance of a country dictates that the ruler has to do what’s best for the country and it’s people and not try to play the game of pleasing everyone. The moment you start trying to please everyone you have lost the battle because everything you do will upset someone and once the majority benefits from your decisions taken or made whether they like it or not then that’s what you are aiming for. So if ya’ll can’t govern and only know how to campaign the please go back to being in OPPOSITION cause it seems this role suites ya’ll the BEST.

  7. In late November we were down to single digit everybody was quiet not a word not a word quiet. What happen ?? Christmas came and everybody came down and this is what they left behind.. Some jacjases on their corruption drive and this and that WHATEVER he is never coming back NEVER.

  8. Ppl who is vaccinated that spreading because they think they are fully Vax they don’t take the rite precautions just because they Vax so they be spreading left right an center

  9. The cases are rising again every where. The UK has tried a different approach which is to live with COVID. So they have scrapped all restrictions. But deaths are going up. However, the spin is; dont worry about the numbers. Their messaging tactics change faster than fake news. Fact is we do not know what is happening. Do not trust what they say. protect yourselves. some people may not feel much with covid. but for some it kills. this disease chokes you. you cant breathe. thats what makes it so dangerous. so i would be quite hesitant to shift any messaging regarding covid. As for this administration, the intent was to get to the government money. they accomplished it. they are inept and a waste. trust me I know how these morons work. they are a terrible set of people! this is the reason why i will never vote labour.

  10. Well well well where do we go from here…at this rate and not a word from those who promise to put people first even our children they putting in danger my God bless this country

  11. It is really a dangerous situation when your union representative has taken moo moo tablet. Not a word, not a word. Not even to express concern and to tell teachers to be careful. I guess they do not want to fall out with their cronies and jeopardize their chances of their names being put forward for party representation next election. Hmmm

  12. I really must apologize to Chas for all the pressure we gave him over his handling of Covid. This administration is doing the same thing and in fact even worse. It is really a case of more sh#t different day. Construction has stopped at Gros- Islet. Up to now they cannot bring one solid charge of corruption against the last administration. Corruption, corruption… where is it? Telling us to send our kids out to school when covid cases are in the hundreds. Sick children being sent to school and teachers sending messages in chats to remind parents to keep them home. Your child might catch it before they send the sick child back home and bring it home to you, then you stick in that. #puttingyoufirst.

  13. I say they want this virus to spread so people would go on sick leave that way they don’t have to pay you the full amount and your kids can go to school and bring the virus back you also #puttingyoufirst

  14. So less than 1% of people who have this require hospital care. Thought that was the important metric. Why the fear mongering?

  15. @Yetti it has nothing to do with figures but the administration. SLTU demanded schools closed with less than 100 cases daily during the reign of the last administration. Today 3, 4 and 5 hundred and not a word from Howell, Chantal and Monrose. Don’t even mention that Valarie, NPA woman.

  16. At least hospitalization is low. This is the good thing. The bad thing is it is affecting the workforce as many will be out on sick leave.

  17. Is it just me or is something wrong with the country?
    Why do we always close schools when cases are very low but open them when they get high?
    We can have 40 cases, LET US CLOSE THE SCHOOLS.
    We have hundreds everyday “NOW IS THE TIME TO OPEN UP”
    Like where is the logic?

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