Saint Lucia Records Highest Ever Number Of Arrivals

Press Release:- Saint Lucia continues to recognize growth in tourism arrivals in 2019. For the five-month period, January to May, the island recorded 185,568 stay-over arrivals; 6.1% more than the same period last year, which makes this the largest number of stay-over arrivals ever recorded in the island’s history.

In the first quarter of the year, increases of 24.8% and 2.2% were noted in the UK and US markets respectively, whilst arrivals from Germany increased 6% and visitors from the rest of the world, 6.3%.

Double digit growth (13.1%) was recorded for the first time this year in April, owing largely to the various activities held here for Easter.

The Caribbean market stood out especially, for having the largest percentage (50.5%), as well as real growth (2,793 additional arrivals) in any market.

The month of May was abuzz with activities, including the staging of Saint Lucia Jazz in collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center, regional workshops, and visible consistency in airlift especially from the Caribbean region.

These all resulted in a total of 34,354 visitor arrivals; 6.4% more than the previous year.

2019 therefore, is already poised to become one of, if not the best year for visitor arrivals, as the months of January, February, April and May have all broken the records for the largest number of arrivals ever recorded for these specific months.

The summer months of June to September bring just as much promise, as the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) anticipates further records in tourism arrivals with the staging of Saint Lucia Carnival, Mercury Fest and Saint Lucia Roots and Soul.

The SLTA is forging ahead with efforts to position the island as the experiential destination of choice for Romance, Adventure, Dive, Health & Wellness, Family, Culinary, and Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE), while increasing visibility, especially in the major source markets.


  1. … and how much is this “great event” in REVENUE for St Lucia?? This is more important to me than percentages.

  2. That’s thing Mr prime minister is concern about only tourism there are other things to talk about n to be said

      • Golf course,hotels here and there and our health care system in a mess…..bravo mr priminister job well done.unmm

    • Doesn’t tourism help our farmers, fishers, employment, vendors etc? If the tourist do not come the vendors will not make the $0 .50.

      • you are incorrect the majority of resorts import the bulk of their foods for their guest farmers get very little in comparison

    • I hope St. Lucia will work on the trash thrown on the sides of their roads and starving horses and dogs we saw on our honeymoon. We will never go back again. Horrible

  3. How does that transcend into economic growth? Reduced cost of living, better quality of life, etc. We need to get this Prime Moron back on the sidelines

  4. The hoteliers the the ones making the money and the huge increase from the UK was due to cricket. .

  5. what is it in this news article tgat is so bad didn’t slp kill the banana industry and they said they will give birth to tourism

  6. More reparation money for the queen while the commoners live in shambles and poverty on the island. There is no formality of economics on that subject it’s just plain and simple, we have been paying a form of (interest ) reparation from the day our ancestors left the west coast of Ghana. (Modernize) to this day institution slavery. Work and no proper pay. Yet still the in has the highest number of visitors YTD.

  7. And all the profits go back overseas to shareholders. Can even get some withholding tax on hotels as the government forgives it to keep them happy. Also forgot about the hotel paying custom duties on vehicles, furniture or food

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