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Updated on July 9, 2020 1:52 pm
Updated on July 9, 2020 1:52 pm
Updated on July 9, 2020 1:52 pm

Saint Lucia Records More Growth In Tourism

Press Release:-  Tourism officials on Saint Lucia remain optimistic over robust signs of a continued growth trajectory for the vital tourism industry. Figures for the halfway point of 2019 continue to show strong demand for Saint Lucia as the important sector again recorded significant growth.

Stay-over arrivals for June 2019 peaked at 34,040, up 9% from June of last year. This means year to date (YTD) growth has increased 6.5%; up from 6.1% last month.
This figure also marked the 5th record breaking month for the year.
Contributing to the growth for the month of June were increases in the island’s main source market the United States, which saw a 17% increase, Germany 31%, the rest of Europe 9%, the Caribbean 7%, and Canada with an increase of 20%.
Commenting on the increases Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) Beverly Nicholson-Doty says the growth can be attributed to multiple factors, among them is increased airlift from the US, directly attributed to a second AA flight out of Miami that brought on 5,264 additional seats. Additional seats were also added on by JetBlue from JFK and Boston.
Airlift out of the Canadian market increased with an additional 256 seats from West Jet and Air Canada combined.
Other factors contributing to the increases were the hosting of a series of events which attracted regional travelers namely Football competitions and a music concert featuring Jamaican reggae musician Sizzla Kalonji. Decreases in visitor arrivals were however recorded from the UK – 15% and 21% from the rest of world.
Nicholson-Doty says given that there’s still a slew of exciting destination marketing initiatives to be rolled out for 2019 along with the ensuing winter season, Saint Lucia looks well poised to meet and indeed surpass the record 1.2 million visitors it welcomed in 2018.


  1. Numbers don’t mean a thing u idiots. Did St Luciano in general felt the impact?
    Your guess is as good as mine

  2. Tourists won’t leave Jamaica to come here to see Sizzler, where they can see many more artists in Jamaica, don’t give that mumbo-jumbo. Who are you trying to fool with this?

  3. Hear the cave people who call themselves saint Lucians, sit on y’all ass whole day and expect handouts, the world doesn’t owe you to come to St. Lucia, as a matter of fact no visitor is obliged to, there are hundreds of other destinations. Be thankful and realise the effort the SLTA is putting into marketing the island. Be industrious and creative, be innovative and you will see the rewards when these visitors arrive on your shores.
    Stop robbing people, be honest and genuine.
    Stop depending on people and you will see the benefits of these numbers.

    You lazy no amibitious people are a disgrace to the hard working ones, who use what they’ve been given and create opportunities.
    That’s all y’all worth, commenting crap on social media.
    Y’all are worse than tics and parasites, a drain on the economy.
    Complain, that’s all y’all ever do, I hope your kids don’t addopt the same lazy and completely unambitious attitude.
    Grow up!!!!!!

    • I find Lucians lazy and they expect everything to be handed to them on a plate. Pappyshow. Also these figures are rubbish the tourist industry is in the worst state it has been for many years. Read the book how to lie with statistics because that is what is happening here.

    • The only people benefiting from these numbers are the shareholders of the hotels. Who are 98% foreigners so the profit leaves the country while hardly being taxed (25 million withholding tax anyone?). Yes locals get a job to but it basically to just survive. Little to no salary increases no pension no health plan.

      So to those saying St. Lucians are lazy, yes they are lazy St. Lucians but the hardworking ones are complaining as well. They see their hard work not reflecting in their salary. So when they hear the “high” class people tout high tourist numbers it means nothing to them. If the tourism sector is doing so well why are they not benefiting as well.

      This is how capitalism works on a fundamental level. What we need to realise is our strength in numbers. Labour unions is how we get fair renumeration from our employers.

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